Europe Day 5: Evening Concert

In the evening we went to the Dvorak concert hall for rehearsal. This is where the Czech Philharmonic performs and also Joshua Bell and Josh Grubin (spelling?) performed here. It is an awesome venue!

There is what appears to be a huge pipe organ on the back of the stage.

Here’s the other side of the hall (back of the audience). Sure is a step up from Hiram Jackson High School!

This is what the seats look like.

And a view of the back, including the seats.

They didn’t allow photos during the program so I walked around the took pictures during the rehearsal.

I can never take pictures of the people in the back, so this was the perfect opportunity!

Bass players too….

A view from the back of the orchestra.

Meanwhile, the parents were all folding programs.

Brass section.



Playing against a beautiful backdrop….

Here’s the outside of the building.

Group shot on the steps.

Then heading back to the building.

Last minute repairs on the clothing…

By the time we got done, it was dark out. But the city looked beautiful at night.

We walked to a nice restaurant.

Surprisingly, the food was not particularly fancy compared to the setting. Czech food is very interested – it feels very “American” to me. But maybe it’s because our food is really all sorts of different countries’ foods.

Dessert was yummy. A cheesecakey kind of layered thing with strawberry sauce.

Then home… late night. Didn’t get back til after 11! This trip has been great for music, making friends and seeing amazing things. But sleep is not one of those things we seem to get a whole lot of! Can’t complain though. I’m sure this is a trip all of us won’t forget!

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  1. Glen Nielsen - June 26, 2010

    Josh GROBAN.

    Hiram JOHNSON.

    Is that a Jimmy Yo sighting?

    WONDERFUL pics! GREAT perspective!!!

  2. Kristin - June 30, 2010

    Yay! A picture of Jimmy Yo! I was wondering when he’d show up. I’ve been following along, and this is all great. Sorry for my lack of comments – I’ve been having to read quickly since I’m trying to get my new place unpacked at the same time!

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