Europe Day 9: Final Concert


Our final full day in Europe!

This morning we headed back to the Schonburr Palace area where the Lippizzaner horses did their exercises. They are the horses that dance to music. There are a lot of big buildings in that area.

This is the building we went to watch them.

Maybe that’s why there are horses on top.

We couldn’t take any pictures inside though. But it was just the horses being ridden around. I was kinda bummed they didn’t do any dancing. I guess you have to see the show to see that.

After that we split up and went to the streets for lunch.

We stopped by a cafe and had ice cream treats. Megan got this one.

We all gathered at a designated meeting spot to head back to the hotel. It was warm and sunny out so people started congregating by where there was shade.

The building was called the Albertina Museum so I took this picture in honor of my husband, Albert.

We walked past a park to get to the bus.

We stopped by this big building…

To take a group photo. It’s been a great trip!

After resting at the hotel a bit, everyone changed and we headed back to the Schonburr Palace where the concert was going to be held.

Here’s everyone walking past the front of the palace.

The concert was in the chapel. There was a sign taped on the door! Later we found out that the Schonburr Palace has its own musical ensemble so they don’t let other groups play. The lady who worked there has been there 7 years and just recently they decided to have other concerts in the chapel. So our group is the first group to perform in the chapel!

While we were there, some of the kids discovered classmates from their school, who were there as exchange students to Germany! What a small world! (These are students from Davis, my town!)

Here’s how the inside of the chapel looks. Quite impressive.

Here’s the view from the door of the chapel.

The chapel was small so everyone had to warm up outside. I had fun going around taking pictures.

Great lighting outside!

Some of the violinists…..

Cello players on the stairs…

It was nice to have the good lighting outside because it was pretty dark in the chapel.

I like this shot of the bass players warming up outside.

Violinists playing together.

Now a violinist plays with the cello players…

I like this shot. It’s kind of like a shot you would see on the record cover of a cello band.

Or this one… bass player with the double obelisks in the background (they kind of got washed out).

Brass players…


Drew, the concertmaster, leads the tuning during the rehearsal.

The kids were pretty packed in there. Every single space was used because the venue was quite small.

But the setting was beautiful!

The lady who worked there was very nice. She let me have the key to the balcony so I got to go above and take pictures during the concert!

Here everyone is standing for the national anthem.

Close up on the winds.


Here a lady was addressing the audience in German.

And here’s the group from behind…

Back wall behind the audience. An organ in the balcony!

Back row, usually hidden from the floor.

Bass players, all squeezed in the corner.

Cello players in the back…

I love tympanis!

It was tight quarters but they made it work. The concert was awesome. The acoustics were wonderful.

At the end, Michael had two people get up and “conduct” the orchestra. People started clapping along!

Then it was time to load the instrument truck.

Afterwards we went to a restaurant on the Palace Grounds. It was a funky place. But the food was good!

Our last dinner together. We gave thank you’s to Chris, Wendy, Cathy and Michael. (But I was way in the back so none of my pictures turned out.) They have all done a tremendous job!

Now to bed. We wake up at 2:45 am and head to the airport for a 24-hour trip back to the U.S. No more posts until I get back — none of the 3 airports we will be at has free wifi.

It’s been a wonderful trip. But I will confess I will not miss the mosquitoes. As I was writing this, I got bitten in four places just sitting in the hotel lobby! Back to dry, sunny, mosquito-less California! (Well, just a few mosquitoes, anyway.) It has been wonderful sightseeing, making new friends, and enjoying beautiful and inspiring music.

A Yee

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  1. Albert - June 29, 2010

    California is mosquito-less, not mosquito-free 🙂

  2. Glen Nielsen - July 1, 2010

    The warm-up shots outside are outstanding! You are so right about the lighting!

    That was very cool that you had access to the balcony … the overhead shots and angles are very interesting! Love the close-ups.

    Btw … the palace and grounds look spectacular!

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