Europe Day 8: Palace and Vienna

6.28.10 Monday

The hotels all have had nice breakfasts. There is quite a sampling of food.

These are just the toppings for the cereal!

Here’s what my breakfast looked like.

We jumped on the bus to go to the palace. I was feeling a bit under the weather so kept falling asleep any time we sat down. I dozed off so I didn’t really get any pictures along the way.

I think the place is called something like Schonburr Palace. This is where the royal family lived during the summer. The tour guide said it is the most beautiful palace in the world. After going through it, I would agree! It was so amazingly beautiful!

The palace has 1440 rooms. We saw 20. 2.5 million people visit. The upper stories are apartments where people can rent!

Unfortunately they didn’t let us take any photos inside. The only photo I could get was of the floor, which was tiles made of wood.

At the end, we briefly stopped by the beautiful gardens.

Megan was being silly and pretending to step on the grass, because there was a sign saying not to do that.

Then she decided to be dramatic on the elegant staircase.

Then it was back to the bus, for a driving tour of the city. It was so fascinating! Except, I dozed off at parts. I would wake up, take some pictures and then doze off again. Kind of a bummer being sick on a tour.

But there are so many beautiful buildings all over the city. Very detailed work…

Even the door is beautiful.

Statues everywhere…

There is a very large ferris wheel (180 feet tall?). The tour guide said it was the oldest ferris wheel in Europe (I think. I was half asleep. Don’t quote me on it.)

Beautiful cathedrals everywhere as well.

We passed by the Danube River.

There is a parallel river called the New Danube. It has dams to avoid flooding.

We saw a lot of construction going on too.

We were dropped off for the afternoon on a street full of shops. This is a modern contrast to the older streets we have gone to before.

We went to a place where you can pick what you want to eat for lunch. There are salads and pasta and sandwiches and desserts and you pay for everything a la carte.

After that we headed out and wandered the streets shopping. The end point was St. Stephen’s Cathedral. The tower is so high it takes 300 steps to go up.

A sad moment was this afternoon a man had a heart attack in the tower and passed away. One of our groups was there and called the emergency helpers. They were not able to get to the top of the tower because the tower was closed off after that.

The roof is colored tiles – amazing!

You can see the huge difference between the black original and the clean stone afterwards.

There were very many shops. I was so amazed by all these porcelain figures. Even the lace is made of porcelain.

Megan got some ice cream and I joined two other moms at a cafe for some dessert. One person got a Grand Marnier torte.

I got an iced chocolate (hot chocolate with ice, with a scoop of ice cream and whipped cream). It was delicious!

We also saw street performers. I don’t know how people can stand there all day waiting for money.

Then back to the hotel. Fell asleep again. We rested at the hotel and after a few hours got back on the bus to go to dinner. Dozed off again.

The place we went for dinner was very cool – it used to be where Beethoven lived!

We ate in the outdoors courtyard. It was so beautiful!

Overhead were many grapes.

It was such a nice setting for us all to have dinner.

Chris told us more about education and his experiences in England. It is all so fascinating!

Me and my daughter!

I don’t know what everyone was looking at it but I thought it was an intriguing picture.

The dinner was amazing. It was traditional Viennese food. There was a lot of different kinds to try out. This is by far the best dinner we have had!

Dessert was two different times of strudel with sauce.

We were stuffed full and headed back to the bus. I fell asleep and then woke up when Chris said he would try speaking in an American accent. We were all rolling in the aisles when he said something like, “Like, totally dude!” and tried to say “banana” and “oil rig” and “water.” He said his American accent is “rubbish,” but I thought it was quite good!

When he asked if everyone would prefer to speak like the British or like Americans, the majority of the group said British. He said in other countries, people try to be like Americans. Here in Austria and also in the Czech Republic, the young people wear American clothes and listen to American music and watch American movies. I did notice that. Lots of American ads, movies, and music everywhere. It was a bit weird to be shopping in the Czech Republic and hearing American music over the speakers!

We got back home and I went straight to bed!

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  • Reply Kristin

    I love the picture of the grapes! Just beautiful. And that iced chocolate looks amazing…how did your blood sugar levels handle that one?

    July 1, 2010 at 11:05 am
  • Reply Glen Nielsen

    As a costume guy, the Egyptian dude’s attire makes me jealous … the streudel just plain makes me hungry (love the reflection off the secret sauce)!

    July 1, 2010 at 4:10 pm
  • Reply Angela Yee

    I’m sure my levels weren’t too happy but I was surprised that I can eat some sugar ok… it’s the rice, potatoes and pasta that makes my levels go high!

    July 2, 2010 at 8:58 am
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