Europe Day 10: A-Home We Go!

Wake-up call time today was 2:45 am. We got 3 or 4 hours of sleep max.

Everyone stumbled out to the bus. The hotel gave us sack breakfasts — very nice!

The bus drove one hour to the Vienna airport. Security was relatively easy to get through this time and we hung around a while waiting for our flight.

Then there was a one-hour flight to Frankfurt, where we went through a long line of one person checking passports for all of us plus other travelers! Eventually we got to the gate and sat down to wait again. This picture shows the many musical instruments the kids carried to the plane. I’m amazed they all fit in the overhead compartments!

My daughter, who is self-amusing, got a bit bored so she started doing Irish dancing. Amy came over and said, “I want to learn!” So soon the two of them were dancing.

Then along came another…

Then Max said, “That looks like fun! Teach me!”

For most of us, though, that was just WAY too much energy. It was much better to stay close to the ground to use less energy. The kids enjoyed talking with each other.

Then, finally! Onto the plane! We took Lufthansa. They give everyone a pillow and a blanket.

It was a large double-decker plane. Here are three seats by one window. Then there’s an aisle. Then 4 seats, another aisle, and another 3 seats.

I was so glad because a man was wiling to switch seats with me so I could sit by Megan. Fortunately we both had aisle seats so he didn’t mind.

The flight was a 10-hour flight. Everywhere there were rows and rows of blue shirts, all fast asleep. The flight attendant came by and said, “Why is everyone so tired?” When she heard there had been a concert the night before and our wake up time, she said, “Oooohhh!”

So many of us slept a lot of the time. There were also movies to watch and meals to eat. The flight ended with a discussion with some people who have perfect pitch. One person said how it drives him crazy that the school bell is 5 cents lower out of tune and it drives him nuts. So the other person with perfect pitch was purposely singing some notes slightly out of tune to bug him. This is how musicians amuse themselves while traveling.

Trip through customs, long wait for bus, traffic headed home. We got back to Davis at 4:20 pm. That’s 1:20 Vienna time. So that means we traveled about 22-23 hours. The people from Sacramento still had to go on so their time would be closer to 24 hours.

So now I’m home and happily reunited with my family! And here’s a sign that I know I’m home…what was waiting for my return…

Ah yes, bills, glorious bills. A sure sign I am home.

It’s been an awesome trip. Physically not so much (swollen legs, bloating from eating too much salt, congestion, cough, itchy mosquito bites, sore shoulder, and general tiredness — I am not a good traveler!), but I was very thankful for the opportunity to go and see such wonderful sights, make friends, experience beautiful music, get to know some really cool kids and adults, have a great experience with my daughter, and take lots of cool photos!

I am thankful for all those who worked so hard to make this trip successful (special thanks to Wendy and Cathy for all their planning and prep!), and for my husband’s support… sure is nice to be back with him and Daniel and be together as a family again!

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  • Reply Glen Nielsen

    Thank you for your diligence in documenting this epic saga! Your photography & use of images made those of us observing (from across the pond) feel like we were there! I think you can confidently add “photo journalism” to your long list of accomplishments! 😉 Nicely done!!!

    June 30, 2010 at 8:56 pm
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