absent-minded travelers

My poor daughter has inherited my absent-minded genes. Poor kid. So it is quite interesting when the two of us travel together! On top of that, we are both somewhat in our own la-la land much of the time (thinking of creative and interesting ideas, I’m sure!). And then sometimes have balance issues too so end up being a bit clumsy… Well one thing for sure – our trip was bound to be interesting!

So this is an example of how our trip went:

Day 1.

I almost forget my sweater at the airport. Good thing we were the last ones who left. I said, “Whose jacket is that on the floor?” It was mine!

Then Megan left her laptop on the plane. Fortunately someone found it!

Day 2.

Slipped and fell and wrenched my shoulder.

Day 3.

I was going up some muddy steps and slipped and fell and got mud all over myself and hurt my shoulder again. But at least I saved my camera from damage! Had to do laundry once I got back to the hotel room. Good ole’ Woolite…

Day 4

We had to pack to leave. Megan said she was done and then headed downstairs. I found her shoes, umbrella, and socks left behind. Lugged all that plus my luggage downstairs. Gave the suitcase to the bus driver, who stashed in the luggage compartment along with all the other suitcases he was loading.

Then I realized that I didn’t have my name badge holder which had my passport and money in it!

Ran back upstairs. Searched through the whole room. Nothing.

Ran downstairs. Realized with despair that my suitcase was now smashed under other suitcases and I had no idea where it was. I asked the bus driver but he doesn’t speak very much English and couldn’t understand me.

So I climbed into the luggage compartment in the bus and prayed I could find the suitcase. Problem was that who knew where it was, and I am not very strong, and I have an injured shoulder.

But lo and behold, after crawling around the luggage compartment and performing some contortionist moves, I found the suitcase! Dragged off the heavy one above it with my one arm, and then dragged me own heavy one out and into the hotel. I then took out everything from my suitcase.

I found it! But then the money had disappeared even though the passport was there. After a moment of panic, I thought to look at the name badge and realized it was Megan’s!

So I searched and searched and couldn’t find it. Then Cathy came over and said, “You have your daughter’s name badge. Do you think she might have yours? I know how kids think…” (She is a pro at this kind of thing!)

I said, “Hmmm… I didn’t even think about that.” So Cathy went off to find Megan while I was still frantically searching through my suitcase. (Actually broke into a sweat!) The whole bus was waiting so I was feeling very stressed, but Chris was very kind and told me to take my time. So that helped a little, but I was totally baffled as to where it could be.

Then Cathy came running back saying, “She had it!” Yay!!!!! An answered prayer.

Day 5.

An uneventful day! Amazing!

Day 6.

Stood on a chair to pull the curtains closed. Lost my balance and fell off… and hurt my shoulder again. Sigh. Recurring theme.

Day 7.

We stopped at a mall to get lunch. We were on our way to Vienna but still in the Czech Republic so we needed some Czech money. I only had a few bucks left but wasn’t too worried because I knew I had a credit card. I had put both of them in my name badge holder and put it in my backpack.

But when we go there, I couldn’t find the holder! I searched through my backpack three times. Nothing.

I figured I had packed it my suitcase, so I wasn’t terribly worried. But the suitcase was in the bottom of the suitcase compartment in the bus.

So we wandered around the mall, hungrily looking at food, with no money to pay for anything.

Finally I saw Jimmy Yo from our church (plays cello and is one of the students on the trip) and asked him if we could borrow some money. He was so kind and immediately pulled out some money for us to use! Wow, that’s just so wonderful when people are so kind to help out like that! I was praying for God to provide somehow… and there was Jimmy, sitting with his friends!

We managed to buy just enough food with 15 cents left.

When we got to the hotel, I scrabbled through my suitcase. No name badge holder. Then I took everything out of my backpack. And there it was… folded in half all the way in the bottom of my backpack, hidden against the black bottom of my backpack. (The holder is black too.) All that time it had been there! Argh.

Day 7.

Megan left her water bottle at the breakfast buffet. Good thing I saw it there!

Day 8 & 9.

If we forgot anything, I already forgot about it.

Day 10.

As we were leaving the bus for the airport, I gathered up my items and headed into the airport. Once I got in there I realized that my water bottle had fallen out of my backpack. Sigh… brand new water bottle and I only used it 9 days and it’s lost already.

And after…

Now that I have been home, it has been three days and I can’t find my wallet anywhere. I know I left it at home. I am usually organized and it put in one place. But I can’t find it… can’t drive, can’t go shopping, can’t go the doctor. Very frustrating.

Ah well. At least I didn’t lose my daughter in Europe!

A Yee

Angela Yee is a professional designer (graphic design, stage design, interior design — angelayeedesign.com) and teaches leadership skills at strategysketchnotes.com.

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  1. Glen Nielsen - July 3, 2010

    Now THAT is a funny post!!! It paints a completely different picture and provides the backstory to all those other European posts … kind of like the blooper-reel that runs after the credits 😉

  2. Kristin - July 5, 2010

    you are hilarious! hope you mend soon!!!

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