Tool for hard drive hogs

I am a space hog. I confess, I have lots of files and I use a lot of hard drive space. Oink oink.

I have a 300 GB (gigabytes) hard drive on my computer. And how much free space is left? A measly 22.98 GB. Just so you have an idea of how little space that is, a banner project I worked on took up 6 GB of space. That means I only have room to make 3 more banners.

For non-techie types, a photo from my camera is 3008 x 2000 pixels, or about 2.5 MB (megabytes). There are 1,000 MB in a GB. This means that I have used up the equivalent of 110,800 pictures on my hare drive. I took over 1,000 pictures in Europe. I would have to take 11 trips to Europe to fill up my hard drive. (Ok, to be fair, I shot pictures in RAW, which takes up a lot more space — about 5-6 MB per pictures. But this is just for illustration purposes, you understand.)

So comes the painful part I sooooo dislike doing… backing up my files and removing them from my hard drive. So sad that I can’t have access to all the files at a moment’s notice. OK, I also confess I am a packrat and it even shows up in my electronic tools!

In my efforts to figure out what to back up, I ran across a pretty cool tool for Macs (also available for Windows) — and it’s free! I love free stuff. It scans your drive and gives you a picture of what is taking up so much space. The tool is called JDiskReport. There are other free programs for other operating systems as as well. Here’s what mine looks like.

This are just my documents. When I tried to scan my entire hard drive, it said I have 3,366,023 files and then crashed the program. Oops.

Ah yes, as I suspected, I have a lot of photos on my hard drive. Time to move them to my external hard drive — 1 TB (terabyte)! That’s 1,000  gigabytes… of which I have already used 300 GB.

Just give me a pink curly tail and a snout and that will give an accurate picture!

A Yee

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  1. Glen Nielsen - July 5, 2010

    Yet a new twist to the old adage, “putting lipstick on a pig” … nice tool! Can it drill down?

  2. Angela Yee - July 6, 2010

    It CAN drill down by just clicking on all the folders and it shows the breakdown that way. Pretty cool!

  3. Andrew Jiang - July 7, 2010

    Shooting RAW eats hard drive space like there’s no tomorrow. I’m approaching 1 TB worth of pictures and its not slowing down . . . .

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