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Death of a garage door spring

Tonight Albert went out biking and the kids and I were in the living room reading a book when I heard a big CRASH! in the garage. It totally startled me so I sent Daniel out to look (since I hurt my back/neck while sleeping and couldn’t move very well).

He poked his head in and didn’t see anything so he came back in. A few minutes Albert came back and tried to open the garage door with his opener and it didn’t work. He went into the garage and saw this:

The spring that opens our garage door had snapped in two!

Now, this is not an itty bitty spring like the kind you find in clicky ballpoint pens. This thing is a monster. There was loose wire everywhere that Albert had to pull out. A friend said on Facebook when his spring snapped it sounded like a car hit the house. That’s totally what it sounded like!

It took both Albert and Daniel great effort to lift that door so they could bring the bike in (the side door was blocked). I didn’t realize garage doors were that heavy. I’m just thankful that spring didn’t snap while the door was open and someone was underneath, or the door would have just collapsed and crushed someone. Very thankful how God watches over us!

Albert’s a very handy guy. Last week our van battery died and as he was unscrewing it, the screw snapped. So he got a long bit for the drill, drilled it out and fixed that battery.

But this is a job for a pro… that’s a mean-looking spring and I don’t want my hubby near that door when the thing’s being replaced!

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    that happened to us to!

    July 9, 2010 at 9:39 pm
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