Crazy week, crazy day

Since I got back from Europe, things have been a little crazy. In fact, today I was mentally stringing together all the things that happened and I ended up laughing. In the past week and a half since I got back:

  • I have had 9 days of jet lag.
  • Our van broke down (battery died).
  • Our garage door broke (with a loud crash).
  • I was sick.
  • I hurt my back.

Basically I have been walking around like a coughing, stiff, bleary-eyed zombie. But I am happy that the last two nights I got a good night’s sleep so I feel sooo much better. And today I could move my head a little, though still walked around feeling a bit stiff in the back. But even so, these are small inconveniences. I have much to be thankful for. (And I think it is quite funny all these things happened.)

Today was a crazy day as well. Most of the pastors are out of town or caring for a new baby, so Matt and I held down the fort. Between us two we had to preach, do baptisms/baby dedication, take photos (well, that was not part of my job, that was just an extra), make announcements, play on the worship team, lead three Sunday evening service info meetings, attend Breakaway meeting and the usual Sunday morning activities. But it was worth it seeing the baptisms. I just love hearing people’s stories about what God has been doing and how He has changed them!

Here are some photos from today. My main complaint is so many of my photos came out slightly out of focus. My camera is an older camera and a friend told me its sensor is half the size of the current cameras. I’ve noticed it has a difficult time focusing in lower light — just churns back and forth when I am in manual mode. But manual focus doesn’t work either since there is a such a small window where everything is super sharp. The only way to get it to work well is to:

  • Turn to auto mode.
  • Press shutter halfway down.
  • Flash pops up and camera focuses very sharply.
  • Turn to manual mode.
  • Push flash down.
  • Turn focus mode from auto to manual.
  • Take picture.

And by that time… the moment is gone. 🙁

But then again, I’m kind of new to this manual settings photography. I’ve got a lot to learn.

Fortunately there was another photographer roving around taking pictures as well. And some shots I took turned out. I loved this moment when the toddler spontaneously reached out and waved to the audience.

This picture of Matt turned out super sharp.

Baptism is such a joyful occasion. I love how Maka’s spontaneous expression was captured.

And here too…

His family and friends are so happy for him!

Hmmm… mic stand got in the way from where I was sitting. But at least it’s better than the picture I took where I wasn’t paying attention and it looked like a cross was growing out the top of Matt’s head.

I guess I could crop the photo below vertically and get rid of that mic stand. There. That’s somewhat better.

Photography is so much fun! I love how we can serve God in so many different ways!

A Yee

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  1. corriespondent - July 12, 2010

    What other new babies are there? Does Matt’s not count as “new” anymore?

  2. Angela Yee - July 12, 2010

    Alex and Erica had a little girl last week!

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