Today Daniel’s friend, upon hearing I was going to Washington DC, said to him, “Your mom is like CIA. She is always traveling around but has a good alibi so everyone doesn’t know that she’s actually an undercover CIA agent.”

This was a particularly amusing statement, especially in light of the dinner conversations tonight.

Conversation Number One

Me: Today at work I had to open a cabinet and Glen gave me a key, so I tried over and over to open the cabinet and it wouldn’t work! So I told Glen that I’m mechanically inept and told him to try, so he took the key and just like that! The lock opened!

Albert: You say that I’m mechanically inclined, but I really think it’s really because…

Me: I know, I know, I’m inept in that area…

Albert: (with a fake smile) Sweetie, you have other strengths.

Conversation Number Two (A few minutes later)

Me: I want to get a pair of #6 knitting needles so I can start on my project! But there’s not a place in Davis to go buy knitting needles!

Albert: I know! Let’s go to Woodland and go to Michaels and get knitting needles! And we can take the van and fill it up with gas at Costco!

Me: Um… I’m not sure the van will make it to Woodland…

Albert: Why not?

Me: The fuel light is on.

Albert: Didn’t I tell you to fill it up when it was a quarter full?

Me: Um… you did. But I didn’t notice that it was less than a quarter full.

Albert: Did you look at the gas tank?

Me: Um… well… I just forget… um… sorry…. I didn’t notice it until the light came on… I can never remember…

(Albert puts his head in his hands and gives a big fake sigh)

Me: Hee hee. (Sheepish grin.)

Megan: I can see why Daddy gets worried when Mommy travels.

Daniel: I don’t think Mom is CIA.

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  1. Kristin - July 17, 2010

    Oh, Angela!

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