Tea with sis

Way behind… posting some things from this past week. This is from Monday.

My sister Corrie and I have started a new tradition of taking each other out for high tea for our birthdays. It is really a wonderful tradition… a way for us to spend time without kids, relax, chat and enjoy yummy food!

This time we tried out Ciocolat in Berkeley. Corrie’s blog has some photos which are 100% better than mine… because being my usual absent-minded-off-in-la-la-land self, I totally forgot to bring my camera! I consoled myself by taking pictures with my iPhone. But I am so spoiled. These pictures all look fuzzy and not such high quality to me. 🙁 Ah well, at least I had a fun time with Corrie!

So Ciocolat had excellent food! Selection was not so great and ambience was not so great either but it was utterly delicious. It was a bit odd though, having high tea in the middle of what felt like a coffeeshop. College students with backpacks were sitting around doing homework. I guess this is what it is like to have tea in Davis. 🙂 They sure did a nice job of setting the table and making it feel nice that way!

First course: cranberry scones and chocolate cherry scones with lemon curd and jam. Or… something like that. I’m kind of making it up. I don’t recall exactly what all was in there.

I had plum cinnamon tea. It was yummy, even without sugar!

Then sandwiches… croissants and ham, brie and … tomato? And Yummy cheese bread with smoked salmon. That one was my favorite. The croissants were homemade!

Dessert: yummy pistachio nut tarts… I think. The crust was soo yummy!

I started experimenting with closeups. I can’t believe this picture came out of a phone camera!!! I am so amazed at how well the iPhone focuses and the quality of a camera with such an itty bitty lens.

There was a kind of moussey yummy fruity thingy, and then what tasted like strawberry mousse in chocolate tarts. I thought the filling tasted just like strawberry ice cream. Corrie said it didn’t taste like strawberry at all. Well. I am like Ratatouille’s (animation mouse) rat brother who can’t taste anything. So I’m pretty sure Corrie was right. But hey, if it tastes like strawberry ice cream I’m not complaining!

By this time, Corrie, who is pregnant, was stuffed. I, who am not used to eating big meals at one sitting, was also stuffed. But they brought out a huge tray of fruit with chantilly whipped cream. Yummy yummy! I saved most of it for my dear children and husband. Corrie couldn’t eat much either.

So there’s my recap of the tea. As usual, lots more interest on how things looked and tasted than actually providing any kind of helpful information about what we actually ate, while using the word “yummy” in every other sentence. Corrie’s much better in that description area. She would be a food editor type whereas I would be a mere consumer. You can read her blog for more interesting details. 🙂

A Yee

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  1. corriespondent - July 23, 2010

    Thanks again for taking me out! And the only reason my blog has more descriptions is because I was tweeting the food as we ate. I wouldn’t have remembered some of the stuff, either!

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