Triennial Day 2

Well, I guess this post is not going to be your typical post about a woman’s conference, since I was much more interested in taking pictures of the scenery than people! I just love to see the beauty in everyday things. 🙂

Because I am a member of the Omni Loyalty program, the nice perk is free beverages in the morning! I ordered hot chocolate. Little did I know it would be REAL chocolate. It was thick and rich and the most amazing beverage! Unfortunately I didn’t realize my camera was slightly out of focus. Otherwise this would’ve been a really cool picture.

What’s more, they had homemade marshmallows! I didn’t even know you could make marshmallows. I always thought they came processed from the factory. Obviously I am a modern-day city girl. I nibbled on one. Soft and delicious.

Then general session with Lynne Hybels, Nice Girls Don’t Change the World. Awesome talk. I took a lot of notes. Much to ponder. Her talk was totally in line with the topic I am teaching about calling and gifting, so gave me more to think about. I’m amazed this picture turned out. I was sitting maybe 100 feet away and only had my lens that goes up to 80 mm! (Gotta love cropping in Photoshop!)

Brunch. Yummy. Shouldn’t have had that muffin. Made my glucose go a little high. But dinner was worse. Lately I have noticed when I eat every two hours, I can actually eat quite a bit of carbs and sugars compared to when I first started. But going 3 meals a day and at meals my sugar spikes. I feel it instantly. Feel a bit yucky. Went back to room and fell asleep on bed for 15 minutes while prepping my talk (after lunch). After dinner it was really high… had a very hard time focusing on the speaker because all I wanted to do was sleep! No more muffins for me…

At the lunch, it was cool to meet Yvonne Devaughn, the leader of our Pacific Southwest Conference Women Ministry Commission. That’s a mouthful.

I tried to take pix of the hotel but lighting was all off. Icky.

Then I went into the marketplace/resource section. Big mistake. Discovered what is one of areas of weakeness.


Beautiful, wonderful, organizational bags!!!

And here’s the clincher.

They support ministries of women rescued from human trafficking and now trying to make a living.

And they are super cheap for handmade. I couldn’t believe the amazing prices compared to Etsy!

I couldn’t help it. I blew my allowance getting some beautiful bags. Didn’t regret it once, knowing these finances are going to benefit ministries around the world!

Then I went outside to take pictures. It was hot and muggy. But sure is gorgeous! This hotel has amazing landscaping!

Beautiful! Unfortunately the guy stepped in right when I took the picture. Oh well.

I really liked the sinuous curves of the staircases.

They have lots of places to rest, even hammocks!

The setting sun adds such a nice glow…

The beauty of the place is totally where I would sit out to pray and connect with God.

Except… in my few minutes out there, I got bitten by a mosquito, right under my arm. Looked like I was scratching my armpit.


Time to go back in.

P.S. Oh yeah, I taught a seminar this afternoon. Awesome group of women! Will blog more about it later… Many fascinating and thought-provoking conversations with people today. My head is spinning. Much to pray and think about! But now… time for bed!

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  1. matt - July 27, 2010

    please post a picture of you scratching the bite and looking awkward. that would really spice up the blog.

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