Breakaway prep

This past week has been a flurry of activity in preparing for our Breakaway launch on Monday!

Sunday (and Wednesday night) we had training for our volunteers. Couldn’t get a shot where everyone fit in… There were 90 people here but you can’t really tell.

Monday and Tuesday, my kids came to the office to help out with unpacking things, inventorying and assembling items. Can you tell my kids are polar opposites personality-wise?

Tuesday night we had a stuffing/assembly party. I was so encouraged that 30 people came!!! God bless them for their servant hearts! They spent the evening cutting…

Stuffing bins…

Folding and counting T-shirts…

Burning and labeling CDs…

And overall doing a ton of work assembling nametags and curriculum supplies for the 385+ kids that will be flooding our campus Monday!

Glen took the last 3 pictures in this post… he’s really developing his photography skills. I didn’t have time to take many pictures because I was coordinating what was going on. He was running around doing things too (after all, he is the director of the event!) but he managed to take a few shots for documentation purposes. Meanwhile, I have discovered a love of clipboards. They sure make life easier!

We got most of the jobs done in 1.5 hours. Some people stayed later to help but all in all, got the majority done. Sure beats the 4 am working days we had last year, scrambling to get everything done!

I so appreciate all the people in our church who have helped behind the scenes to make this event possible. And I’m excited to see what God will do this coming week!

A Yee

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