Breakaway — drama

The drama team did a great job! Every day the kids eagerly anticipated the story. Here’s a very short summary, leaving out some parts that I didn’t have pictures for… (I guess that’s one way to have an edited version!)

The story is of Jesse and and his nieces Marta and Marie. They have discovered a map with secret writing that reveals the location of hidden treasure.

They are friends with Pete, who has come out to make a new life for himself and is discouraged and fearful by the circumstances. Jesse encourages everyone with promises from the Bible.

But the villainous Lou C. Furman, who has bought up the whole town (including where they were planning to build a church), sneaks in and steals the map.

Krista did an outstanding job playing the villain. She had such great expressions! The kids really got into booing her (instigated by our very own director) and trying to shout out warnings to the good guys. She played along and it was so much fun!

Lou is almost caught by Jesse, but hides and gets away.

Jesse and company decide to head out and try to find the treasure in hopes they can buy back the building to build the church.

But meanwhile, Lou has discovered that Sheriff Bob has accidentally found out about how to reveal the message on the map. She tempts him with his favorite, strawberry rhubarb pie. (Which in reality was Brett’s favorite pie too! Or so I heard.)

Sheriff Bob resists but in the end he becomes mesmerized by the pie and blurts out the secret.

Meanwhile, Jesse and his nieces have found the cave and go inside. While they are there, Lou C. Furman tosses in dynamite to blow up the cave, trapping them inside. But Jesse assures them God will take care of them.

They are rescued by Pete, who was supposed to keep watch but fell asleep.

While Pete was removing the “rocks,” a child in the audience called out, “IT’S JUST PAPER!” Gotta love kids and their honesty…

Pete learns forgiveness in the process, since he failed to keep his promise to keep watch.

But Lou C. Furman is up to more mischief — a whole wheelbarrow of dynamite!

When she blows up the cave, everyone in the town falls over from the impact.

Sheriff Bob arrests here for endangering the public and lying, cheating, and extortion.

The gold that is found is shared with the whole town — enough to help the whole city and build the church besides! Time to celebrate!

Through the process, the characters learned about God’s faithfulness, forgiveness and provision!

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