Breakaway — rally

Every morning at Breakaway, the kids started off with a rally as a large group. The morning closed with one as well.

The kids would gather in groups on blankets. Each group had a number so kids could find them more easily.

Some of the leaders were super organized. This one had all the water bottles and nametags ready to go! (At the end of the day, it was really interesting cleaning out the group bins. Some leaders were super organized and others… more spontaneous! Love it!)

The groups started with doing different activities in the morning. It was kind of hard to get pictures since they often were huddled in a circle around the activity. But the most messy one was on Friday, when they had to make footprints with paint.

Ok, I couldn’t resist. Another still-life. But it does demonstrate the creative problem-solving by our team… how to hang up ropes in the worship center when there are no pillars or walls that we can hang them from? Solution: string rope on chairs.

Pastor Matt was “Mad Dog Matt.” He was an awesome emcee! The guy has a total gift!

He would do fun activities that people could join in. Like getting up some of the small group leaders and having the kids cheer for which person had the best “cowboy smile.”

…Or teaching the kids how to sing a “cowboy song.”

…And bringing up his cute little cowgirl. (She refused to wear a hat.)

He did a little fun thing called “There’s a bear… over there.”

The kids loved it when he wrestled a bear too.

Then it was time for the dancing and singing. The dancers were awesome. I think Matt called them the Firecrackers.

Karen (Glen’s wife) was the choreographer. Wow, she is amazing! These dances were soooo cool!

It was so cute to see all the little kids jumping up and down. They really got into it!

I really like this picture… amazing that it could even be captured in the low light. Awfully grainy, though… had to shoot at ISO 1600 for maximum light gathering.

My daughter was part of the dance team. She had a blast. She loves to dance!

Here’s a panoramic shot of the dancers with two photos merged together.

Afterwards there was a drama (next post) and then Glen would get up and talk about the mission project. Kids helped raise money to dig a well in Kenya.

Here’s another panoramic shot of the worship center as everyone was getting gathered… almost 600 people on our campus at one time! I sure love that Photoshop automated photomerge feature. It does a great job stitching these photos together! But I figured out how to mess it up… it couldn’t handle the two video screens with the same logo and kept making parts of the picture upside down. So I had to use photos that didn’t have the logo in them. I think this photo gives a sense of what our worship center looked like in the morning!

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