Breakaway highlights – activities

Monday through Friday was Breakaway, each morning from 9 am to noon. It was a blast!

One of the things I enjoyed was going around and shooting pictures. We had a crew of photographers out shooting pictures. Every morning at 10:30 we would have to rush in and pass off the pictures to the designated slide show person for the day. He or she would load up the photos, select the best ones, and upload to, where a slide show would be generated in time to show at the 11:40 rally.

It was a bit nerve-wracking but the crew was fantastic!

Jack was the only other photographer with a 200mm lens and every day he was tied up after 10:30 making the slide show, so I roamed around and took pictures with my big lens (and other ones as well). I love how it is so sharp and captures what is going on.

Our storytellers were amazing. They did such a great job engaging the kids and telling the story of Peter. Here Theron tells the story of Peter and the big catch of fish. It was seamless, creative, and totally fun!

The small group leaders make a huge difference in the event. These leaders love on the kids, make them feel welcome, and help them process through what they’re learning through fun activities and discussions. I think this picture of Stephanie captures the love our leaders have for the kids.

The recreation area was a blast too. In between sessions with the kids, while waiting for the next group, the volunteers would play. (Volunteers wore brown shirts.) That’s part of the reason we like having teens help out. Their fun spirit is contagious for the kids!

The slip-n-slide was a huge hit. It’s amazing how this photo makes it look like water! It’s just plastic, water, and soapy bubbles. This photo ended up getting printed in our local Davis Enterprise paper in a feature article about the event.

Man I love this lens! I was clear across the slip-n-slide (like 30 feet away) but the camera captured a great expression nonetheless!

We had some inflatables that the kids bounced and slid through. This is a merge of two photos, taken from an upstairs window.

Bounce, bounce, bounce.

I like this photo because it is showing one kid going up the slide while another one is coming down at the same time.

The preschool tots had fun activities too. I didn’t get very many pictures of them because that area was covered by another photographer. What a great expression!

The kids really enjoyed the arts and crafts area too. It was a bit mind-boggling how many different stations there were!

I really like taking still-life pictures, especially if there are cool colors.

I’m not exactly sure what these things were in the craft area but they looked intriguing. This picture also shows the wristbands everyone wore in support of the mission project that we sponsored, helping to dig a clean water well in Kenya.

Ok, another still life. I couldn’t resist.

Face painting was a big hit too. Today we had a newcomer to our church service who said he was at the local Subway and in walked a kid with a big curlicue mustache painted on. Yup, that was one of ours!

There was so much more that went on… I took hundreds of pictures. I’ll post the rally pictures in another blog. But before I end, I had to post this picture of where I spent a lot of my time during the event — at the info center working with the amazing admin team. They helped sort through things and create bags to stuff the small group bins (because every bin had a different number of children!). It was quite a complicated task but it’s so amazing how organized these people are — after a while I didn’t even have to do anything because they just took care of it all!

What is great is through all the fun and activities, these kids were learning more about Jesus. And I got to see God at work in the kids and in the hearts of the people who served. It was a great privilege to be among such awesome company!

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