Breakaway is over but my work is not

Friday after the last rally, Breakaway was officially over. I am so grateful for the volunteers who stayed after and other ones who made special trips to the church to help us tear down! We left up decorations but other areas had to be dismantled and put away. As a result, here’s how my office looks like.

And it’s spilling out into the hallway too. I forgot to take a picture of all the bags outside my office.

Ohhhh boy. I suppose this is a perfect demonstration of why the book I wrote is called I’m Not Neat But I’m Organized. Though, to be honest, I can’t say I’m really either neat nor organized at this point!

But… all the work has been worth it. 18 kids received Christ. I have heard stories of people’s relationship with God being grown as a result of this event, of kids bringing parents who never go to church back to church with them on Sunday, of kids who have never attended or served at Breakaway before having a blast, of families who find this week to be one of the highlights of the year.

We’ve seen people sacrifice their time and work long hours, give generously financially, and uphold this event in prayer.

We’ve had new leaders and volunteers step forward that we never knew about and have gotten to know some really great people!

It’s been an awesome experience of love, outreach, servanthood, and downright fun!

Next year: Breakaway to the Arctic Freeze, July 25-29, 2011. Don’t miss it!

A Yee

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