Breakaway Sunday

Yesterday we culminated the week with a celebration inviting back parents to see what their kids had been doing all week.

It was a departure from our typical Sunday services.

Glen was the host for the services, sharing some of what had been going on.

There were a number of very cool videos and the kids also got up on the stage to perform.

All the kids from preschool to 6th grade went up… and some of the leaders too! (They’re hiding in the back, hard to see.)

The preschool/kindergarteners wore orange. I am so amazed how they picked up the dancing.

Even the preschoolers raised their arms at the same moment, even though it was only a second! Wow!

I have noticed a difference in clarity between my Nikon and Tamron lens. The Tamron pictures come out somewhat fuzzy, but Nikon is super clear. These two below are from the Nikon lens.

Part of it could be the motion though. I was shooting anywhere from 1/250 to 1/320 of a second, hoping to reduce blur while still having enough light. If I go any faster, the photos turn out too dark. (I noticed the outdoor shots are at like 1/2000 of a second and are ultra-crisp.) Ah well… that’s what happens with using an older camera with a smaller sensor.

Then came the drama recap, summarizing the week.

A happy ending — Lou C. Furman is sorry for her dastardly deeds, is forgiven, and helps rebuild the city!

Then Pastor Matt got up and gave a message about how we as adults can learn from the humble spirit of children, from the Bible text of Jesus talking about becoming like children in regards to the kingdom of heaven.

It was a wonderful way to end an awesome week. Smiles and joy all around!

A Yee

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