Family break

Yesterday after church was teardown for Breakaway, but we had to head off to the Bay Area to drop off Daniel for fencing camp. Since he is staying with his grandparents, it was a nice chance to reconnect with them!

But since we went straight from church, we were still wearing our shirts. What a coordinated family. Mom took this picture on my iPhone since I didn’t bring my camera.

Megan was very hungry.

I couldn’t believe  how much food Daniel could eat. He got a ramen with tempura and it was HUGE. And it only cost $11 for dinner! That is so low-cost for a Japanese meal!

I couldn’t resist. Had sushi. I don’t know what it did to my glucose level because I forgot my kit. Lately, though I have been able to eat more carbs without it spiking. So hopefully it was ok.

It was very nice to see Mom and Dad and to be together again as a family after a couple weeks of craziness. I am so thankful for my loving and supportive husband. What an awesome man I married! Tuesday is our 19th anniversary. Yay!

A Yee

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