Anniversary fondue dinner

Today is Albert and my 19th anniversary!

We had a wonderful dinner together. We decided to do something special so we went to The Melting Pot restaurant in Sacramento. We’ve never had a fondue dinner before so we gave it a try. It was totally fun! The staff there are terrific — so friendly and helpful. (The waitress said we were her favorite table tonight. No doubt due to my sweetie making so many funny comments. :-))

They were also very understanding that I would whip out my camera and take pictures. One person said, “That’s just like me — I have to document everything.”

We decided to split everything. First was the appetizer cheese fondue. I can’t remember exactly which one we got but it sure was delicious.

It came with bread and veggies…

And apple pieces for dipping. Apples and cheese… not a combo I would have thought would go together, but it was yummy!

They gave us long fondue dipping forks. Albert had to hold it quite a while since my camera was having trouble focusing in low light (part of the reason why some of my pictures are blurry. :-().

Then was the entree. We picked a broth called mojo, which was Caribbean in nature. It was very flavorful. This picture doesn’t really do it justice.

It came with cuts of meat… didn’t look like a whole lot but we were totally stuffed afterwards. And this was splitting an entree!

The entrees came with some dipping sauces.

And a cool plate so you could put the sauces on your plate. Top row: Green Goddess (sour cream with chives and other yummy stuff), plum sauce, teriyaki sauce. Bottom row: very kicky shrimp cocktail, gorgonzola sauce, and curry sauce.

Then it was time for dessert. We picked the flaming turtle chocolate sauce.

She added pecans and set them on fire. But my camera wouldn’t focus on the fire. Too bad. It was really cool flaming blue.

Then the little dessert tidbits. Soooo delicious!

Well my glucose went way over on this one. I was in a carb stupor when I got home. Time to be disciplined again and stay away from dessert. I have been doing better lately and have been able to eat more carbs and even some sweets, but this was a little too much.

But it was so good! Plus lots of good conversation and just a fun time together. I am incredibly blessed that God brought Albert into my life… these 19 years have flown by!

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  1. corriespondent - August 4, 2010

    You’d never had fondue?! We should have some for dinner together sometime!

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