Capturing ideas: Discovery notebook

A few months ago I listened to a podcast from a speaker who said he writes down all his ideas because he gets a bunch of bad ideas before he stumbles upon good ideas.

I am always getting ideas. I also am extremely forgetful. So I thought, what an excellent idea!

I got a thin Moleskine notebook and since June 30th I have been jotting down ideas, things I’d like to implement, thoughts on things I’m hearing, and quotes I want to remember.

Sometimes I have time to be creative with my pages, like during the talks during the recent Triennial XIII conference I went to.

Other times I only have time to quickly scratch down some thoughts, like during today’s Leadership Summit. Or I might paste in article clippings that stimulate thought of something I would like to process.

This was the thought that struck me tonight.

After all, what good are all these ideas if never implemented?

So the idea I am practicing this week actually was at the very end of the Leadership Summit when Bill Hybels happened to make a comment that really struck me: “When in doubt, say yes to promptings when it comes to following up on people.”

I am always afraid of bothering people (must be my Asian roots) and hesitant as to whether I should talk to them or not. But I think I am going to step out in boldness and see what God does!

Today at the conference I recognized a woman who had spontaneously greeted me last year at the Summit, totallly surprising me that she would talk to a stranger. I went up and thanked her for her act of kindness. She was very surprised. But I felt like it was the right thing to do and wanted to let her know her actions made a difference.

Perhaps God will bring along other opportunities…

A Yee

Angela Yee is a professional designer (graphic design, stage design, interior design — and teaches leadership skills at

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