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These past two days I have attended the Willowcreek Global Leadership Summit. What a totally amazing conference! It remains my favorite yearly conference of all-time, the only conference I have consistently attended for the past… uh… hmm… 5? 6? 7? 8? years? Not sure! It’s been a while!

Usually in the past I write chicken scratch in my notebook and put it away, sometimes processing it and sometimes not. But I always walk away with one or two main things that stay in my mind for a long time that I believe have made me a better leader over the years.

I prefer to take notes on my laptop, but it runs out of juice.

This year, however, I used my iPad!

The iPad has amazing battery life. Even with bluetooth turned on and hooked up to a wireless keyboard, I only used 25% of the battery the entire day. (I did turn bluetooth off during breaks to conserve battery.)

Since I type faster than I write, I was able to capture almost all of the major points that stood out to me during the talks. I took notes in Pages. Next time I realized I can just type directly into my blog and post it immediately!

I had my little blue discovery notebook at the side where I would write down key thoughts I wanted to ponder throughout the talk. The rest of the information in my iPad I can refer to. I will transfer it to my laptop so I have it available at any time.

I was able to put the iPad next to me on the chair and type with the wireless keyboard in my lap.

Yesterday I didn’t have an empty chair, so I propped up the iPad on my purse at my feet and would look down when needed. Today a guy came over and said, ” I saw you taking notes on your iPad and that is such a good idea that I am going to do that in the future!”

Today two women next to me were looking at me and whispering during the program. At the end they told me they didn’t see my iPad. They just saw me with the keyboard in my lap typing and looking at the simulcast screen. They started whispering to each other, “What is she doing? Is that a keyboard in her lap? Is she a translator?” Later they saw the iPad and realized what I was doing!

I love taking notes on the iPad. It is so light compared to my laptop. I can stick it and the keyboard in my purse and carry it around everywhere. It has wireless so I can access the internet if I want to.

The conference was highly impactful. I have walked away with so many things to think, pray, and process. And now it’s all been captured and I am looking forward to putting these things in practice!

A Yee

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