Mother-daughter project

It is a little scary how much my daughter is like me. We pretty much like almost all the same things (except shopping). We like music, drawing, organization, cute things, photography, video, and now recently, interior design (recent for Megan but long-time for me).

The only difference is Megan is energized by shopping, and I get sucked dry and exhausted.

Today was fun — Megan drew a Manga character (out of her imagination). I don’t know how she does that. I am totally inept when it comes to drawing people.

But she had a difficult time with cloth, which for me is pretty easy. I am, after all, a still life person.

So we combined our skills and came up with this drawing! (It’s not yet complete.)

Megan did the shading of the metal and has yet to shade the face and hair. But I find it quite amazing she can do that.

I just draw stick figures!

A Yee

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