Sticky Teams

I am reading a book called Sticky Teams: Keeping Your Leadership Teams and Staff on the Same Page. It is probably the best nuts-and-bolts ministry book I have read all year!

This book is super practical and talks about how to have a healthy church by having a healthy team, both board and staff. I’m not totally done yet but I had a hard time putting this book down because it made me think a lot — sometimes challenging what seems to be obvious assumptions. Other times, it reinforces and clarifies things that I do as a leader but helps me see the big picture of why it works. I’ve got a lot to work on!

I posted on Twitter how this book has been so impactful for me and received a reply from another person to check out the Sticky Teams Conference web page. I didn’t even know there was a conference!

Wow! That looks fantastic!

What was really surprising was that there on the home page was my tweet!

(The part missing at the end is “…to see the kingdom of God advance!!!!”)

Much as I wish our leadership team could attend, alas, it will not be. Our church has had a year-long spending freeze due to the challenging finances in our economy and the freeze continues indefinitely. (I’m thankful God provided someone to give this book to us to read!)

But hopefully the book will provoke a lot of good discussion. It certainly has gotten me praying and thinking about the ministries that I oversee!

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