Funny people

This week my husband was out of town so the kids and I went to Costco for dinner and then to Walmart to buy school supplies.

As we were walking down an aisle, I heard a gasp. Megan said, “Ramen!” and ran over to hug the box.

Our family loves ramen, but I know it is terribly unnutritious so we really try not to buy it. But then my kids looked at me like this.

“Pleeeeeeeez?’ Blink blink, Bambi eyes.

I said, “That’s soooo unhealthy!”

“We know. But it’s so yummy! And Daddy is gone!” Displays of white teeth. More blinking innocently.

Finally I said, “All right,” and slumped my shoulders and stomped away. “I’ve gone SOFT! What a pushover! I’ve turned into a total softie!”

Behind me were sounds of cheering.

My kids make me laugh!


At church, I also work with hilarious people.

Example 1

This past week, we received an announcement request via our online website.

EVENT: UCC Parkour Tournament

NAME: Kyle Thomsen

TEXT LONG: Parkour is totally rad!  Everybody’s doing it.  I’ve been watching on Youtube.  Come do parkour with your friends and make new ones at the first annual UCC Parkour tournament on Sept 26th at UCC.  entrance fee is $35 and will benefit the Edge.

TEXT SHORT: oh yeah, I’m going to be doing some gnarly funky flip moves at the parkour tournament!  join us for just $45.  the church staff is all on board!

SUBMIT: Submit Query

This request caused quite a bit of consternation and alarm from our administrative staff, because of the extremely high liability.

Kyle denied he had sent it.

The email server revealed an internal IP address, meaning someone had sent it from within our church.

The culprit?

Matt, our college and missions pastor!

Example 2

Today, the outside of Keith’s office looked like this.

That is a big heavy wooden desk turned on its side. After a while it looked like this.

Keith stayed in there a long time, apparently oblivious to the fact that his office door was totally blocked. The other women on staff and I were whispering, “Did he notice yet? How can he not notice?”

Later we found out he knew but just kept on working and ignored all the activity going on outside his office!

Example 3

Also today, Glen was trying to push paper down into the recycling bin and when I looked up, this is what I saw.

And then a little later, this is where he was.

Who said church work is dull?

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