Shopping with the kids

This week when my kids and I went shopping, it was so interesting to see the stark contrast between the two. Megan loves shopping. Daniel avoids it as much as possible. He has even gone to the extent that he pays his little sister to buy clothes for him. (Megan buys things on sale, and gets a commission, so in the end I suppose it is like paying full price!)

This is the first year the kids will fully be in public school. Megan has been planning for a month what she needs to buy and what to do.

Here is a conversation that happened while shopping.

Megan: I like this notebook. And this notebook! I like this pencil holder and I like this color. I like this planner. Or maybe this planner. Or maybe this planner.

Angela: (looks at Daniel and realizes he is staring off into space) Do you have to get a planner for school?

Daniel: What’s a planner?

Angela: It’s where you write down your appointments and assignments.

Daniel: Um… my brain?

Angela: What?! You’ve never used a planner?

Daniel: I guess it is pretty amazing that thus far I have survived entirely on my memory. (He is going into 10th grade.)

Angela: I don’t think just relying on your brain is a good idea. I think you should get a planner.

Daniel: Ok.

Megan: How about this one?

Daniel: (looks at it two seconds.) Ok. (Tosses it into the cart without looking.)

Angela: That’s one with a black cover. Do you want this one? This one is blue. (Blue is Daniel’s favorite color.)

Daniel: Nah. I already put it in the cart.

Angela: Do you need any other school supplies?

Daniel: Um… I have my pencil and an eraser. Why would I need anything else? I’m set.

Megan: Well you need a lunchbag. How about this lunchbag?

Daniel: What do I need a lunchbag for?

Megan: You will need to bring your lunch to school. Where are you going to put it?

Daniel: I was just going to throw it into my backpack.

Megan: What?!!!! Your lunch will get all mushed.

Daniel: So?

I love my kids! Such an enthusiastic daughter and such a low-maintenance son. That was the most fun shopping trip I have had in a long time!

(Here’s a picture of my kids and me taken in May.)

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