Amazing library, amazing show

Family field trip today! A trip to the city… we were impressed in more ways than one!

Today I took the day off because I have been working so many weekends this past month as a result of Breakaway and gearing up for the fall.

Most of the day was spent struggling with our Internet, which locked me out of all my blogs. Bad news was I couldn’t write. Good news was it forced me to work on the book I am writing. (It’s so much more fun to write blogs!) Finally between Albert and me and numerous calls to AT&T and JustHost, we figured out that our IP address was being blocked. Very odd. It was working last night and suddenly got blocked today!

In the late afternoon, we drove down to San Francisco — to see Wicked again! Next week is Megan’s birthday and the week after is Daniel’s birthday so we decided to celebrate by taking the kids.

Just the fact that we went again shows what an amazing show it is. I don’t like to watch movies twice (except when memory loss takes over and I don’t remember anything and it’s like watching a brand new movie again!), I don’t reread books, and I never see live shows twice — until now!

We got there 2 hours early, had dinner at Burger King, and then Albert saw the San Francisco Main Library across the street. So we went there to hang out.

It was the hugest library I have ever seen!

It’s not like the building was even shared with businesses or anything… it was all part of the library! I’ve never seen such a large info center for a library.

This was just the entrance to the children’s area!

And there were all these cool interlocking walkways.

But what did I notice? The lights! They were cool! Like upside-down flying saucers.

We discovered the teen section and all hung out there reading. Here are the kids reading, with Albert browsing in the back.

But here’s what cracked us up the most. This was actually the side of the bookshelf where they indicated what the last names of the authors were.

We got a laugh out of that! Ha ha!

So nice we are passing on our legacy of a love of books to our kids. Pre-Starbucks days, one of the dates Albert and I used to do regularly when we first got married was walk to the library together. Can you say fuddy-duddy geeky couple?

I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Then it was off to the show. Once again, no photos… so I drew a quick sketch of the stage before the show started (and a few minutes during intermission). It’s a picture of the curtain, which is a map, with the stage set built around it. Didn’t have chance to get into a whole lot of detail since there wasn’t much time. In all, this sketch took about 30-35 minutes.

It was really fun to bring the kids to see it. Daniel, who is one of the tech guys at church, was blown away by the perfection of the amazing tech team. They hit every cue and the lights and sound were amazing. He spent the whole show trying to figure out where they were hiding the mics on the performers.

Megan, our little singer, spent the whole show carefully listening to the singing technique the singers used.

Neither of them has ever been to a live professional musical before, so this was a real treat!

We also ran into Carol, our choir director, and her daughter. Small world!

By the time the show got out, it was past 11. Albert drove us all home and we managed to force ourselves to stay awake. What a wonderful outing — it’s such a blessing to hang out as a family before the kids start school next week and the craziness begins!

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