My new nephew!

Today my sister had her baby! After 23 hours of labor, Matthew was born!

It was great they posted the progress on Twitter. Between Twitter and texting and calling, our family stayed in touch. Gotta love technology.

As soon as we could, we went to the hospital. I got to hold my new baby nephew!

He was a bit fussy and rooting around but found his hand and furiously sucked it. Eventually he managed to cram an entire index finger into his mouth. It was amazing how he could fit that whole thing in there — I thought for sure he was going to gag himself! But, nope. He just sucked himself to sleep.

Love how his little foot is sticking out too.

Here’s a picture taken on my phone. So darling! He looks amazing good for only being born a few hours! Doesn’t even really look like a newborn.

Little Steven appears to like his little brother. He was a bit more fascinated with the toy plane his baby brother gave him. It was nice when we showed up, he came over and gave us a hug!

Congrats, Steve and Corrie!

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  1. Lee Ellen Underwood - August 24, 2010

    Hi Angela!

    Congratulations to Corrie and Steve and your whole family! I’m so happy for you all. Little Matthew looks great! You’re right he really doesn’t look like a newborn – more like a hearty one month old. Please pass along a “Good Job!” to Corrie for me…23 hours of labor is not an easy thing, but what a wonderful blessing from God she and you all have received.

    Our #7 was born on July 26th…earlier than I thought, but in line with what the doctors were telling me. Kind of the opposite experience of Corrie’s. My contractions went from 10 minutes apart to 2 minutes apart in about an hour and she was born less than an hour and a half after we got to the hospital. We named her Katie Joy and she really has been a joy, falling into a pretty good routine already.

    Today is the first full day of school here. So, the oldest four are at school and the youngest 3 are taking naps…very quiet here…oops spoke too soon, Katie is waking up. Well, take care and enjoy your new little nephew.

    Lee Ellen

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