Different-sized relatives

I went on Tuesday to visit my baby nephew. His second day of life outside the womb! I just loved his little feet. Baby feet are so cute!

He was sleeping soundly. I love watching sleeping babies. They make such funny expressions and little noises!

He is so very, very tiny! (These pictures were all taken on my phone because that was the only camera I had.)

My mom came up to visit and has been cooking up a storm. Corrie’s family came over for dinner. I thought it was so cute — Matthew’s older brother, Steven, sitting at the table eating all my himself. He looked so cute and tiny in comparison to the big table!

Not the best pictures… but the best I could do considering I was holding a baby!

It was so funny how his cousin (my beloved son) was on the other side of the table… looking like a giant! Daniel is now the tallest male in our immediate family. Wow! He used to fit in my tummy! (And there’s my mom, cooking.)

So fun to have relatives of all sizes and ages around… I thank God for His incredible blessings!


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  1. Corrie - August 27, 2010

    Great pictures – I love the one of Steven at the table!!

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