Of babies, bruises, and busy lives

It is really quite amazing what our church staff has been going through lately.

I was reflecting on all has happened, almost all within the last two months:

  • 2 people with new babies
  • 1 got a new grandson (and before the past few months, other new grandchildren!)
  • 1 got a new nephew (me!)
  • 3 with major family health issues — one with a staff infection ending up in the hospital!
  • 1 moved
  • 1  is in the process of moving (locally! They’re not leaving the church! Whew!)
  • 1 has been gone 3 months straight (on sabbatical)
  • 1 had elbow surgery
  • …and much much more…

Just about everyone has had some kind of major transition or unusual family event they have gone through/are going through. It’s really quite nuts…

And now a new one!

Yesterday Wendy fell and fractured her elbow! Wendy is our amazing admin who helps me out a TON. I felt so bad for her when I saw her come in with a sling. 🙁

Today she and I were meeting in our office and there was a knock on our door. Who should come in?

Glen said, “I saw Wendy was getting all this sympathy, so I thought I would try for some.”

What people told him:

“Is that a toga you’re wearing?”

“You look like you just came back from the gym and you’re wearing a towel.”

“Nice try, Skippy.” (Glen’s nickname that Wendy made up that has caught on around the office.)

So much for the sympathy. Must not be blessed much with the gift of mercy around here…


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