A simple but happy birthday

Today was Megan’s birthday!

It didn’t really feel like it, though. It was the last day of the the first week of public school for our kids. Transitioning from a life of homeschooling to full-time public school definitely has been a big adjustment, as demonstrated by my son.

Poor Daniel has to lug these books back and forth every day between home and school! They sure look heavy… I guess that’s one way to develop upper body strength!

In the afternoon, I stopped by Corrie’s house. This is what I saw.

So cute! A tiny baby in a big chair, in the midst of all the hustle and bustle, Matthew was sleeping so peacefully.

Even when I picked him up and held him, he snoozed away. Awwww. Love those chubby cheeks!

I love watching babies sleep. They make really funny faces. Matthew would grimace and smile and every once in a while open an eye — all while in deep sleep.

And then Corrie discovered his little feet escaped the blanket and were hanging down.

I also got to see my other nephew, Steven, who gave me a number of hugs! Awwww!!!!

My mom was at Corrie’s house all day cooking. In the evening she came back and we had a simple birthday dinner for Megan. Our family tradition is you get to pick what you want for dinner on your birthday. Megan picked ramen, her favorite food. That has got to be the all-time cheapest birthday dinner for our family!

We also had fishcakes. Here Albert demonstrates below how to model to the kids playing with your food.

Conversation with Megan:

Me: Would you like a birthday cake?

Megan: Well, actually I would prefer popsicles. Can we have birthday popsicles?

Me: We were thinking of going to Target afterwards and getting you an Icee.

Megan: (without a pause) Okay-that-works-fine-by-me!

Popsicles, instantly rejected. Just like that. But hey, it’s her birthday! And she loves Icees!

It is very funny what the topics of conversation were.

Dinner: the 6 or 7 fallacies of debate (illogical conclusions).

Walking to Target: “Let’s guess the periodic table elements.” Albert would call out letters and the kids had to guess which elements they were. I was creamed. The rest of the family is way smarter than me. I am way out of my league here.

We had a blast. I love my geeky family.

Afterwards, the Nielsens stopped by for a surprise visit to wish Megan happy birthday — laden with a bag of ramen packages! Megan was so happy.

It was a wonderful birthday celebration!


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