Family fun

My last post was really quite techy/geeky/nerdy in nature. Now to counterbalance it. We shall discuss one of my favorite topics — my family!

It was a fun day today. The kids had friends over. Megan had two school buddies come over. They have formed a trio and were going to have a practice. Upon arrival, I was highly amused that they coordinated their wardrobe without knowing what anyone else was wearing!

Albert couldn’t miss out on the fun. He came over and joined in playing “Chopsticks.”

And then, to add variety, the kids switched it up! Everyone played a different instrument.

Never mind that Megan had never played cello before. She picked it up and just started playing — in tune and everything. That’s just wrong.

The boys, meanwhile, were battling away.

Ok, now that I look at all these pictures, I just can’t help notice how messy my house is. After all, two working parents, a first week at school, a new nephew and a visiting mom will do that to you. (Though my mom really left our house a lot cleaner than when she arrived!). But we have one room that is how I dream of the rest of the house looking.

That’s the guest room. It’s clean ‘cuz no one lives in it. (Except my mom, who has gone back home.) There’s a reason my book is called I’m Not Neat But I’m Organized!

I had fun too. One of my favorite activities!

Corrie and I went out for ice cream today. We enjoyed the beautiful weather and I got to hold the baby. What fun!


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