Ministry director retreat recap

This past week the ministry directors (pastors) went on a retreat up to Donner Lake. It was really beautiful there.

There was even a rainbow across the lake!

Here’s a panoramic view. It’s actually one photo but I just cropped it. It looks more impressive at full size because it stretches across my computer screen. But I had to make it smaller to fit in the blog.

Since part of the purpose of the retreat was to do team building, we went down to the lake and did some playing. The game? Horseshoes!

Man, I work with athletic people. Everyone was so good! Even Kim, who said she wasn’t, was able to fling that horseshoe all the way across the dirt playing area.

Focus, focus… ignore all the people trash talking you…

…and toss the horseshoe as closely as possibly to the stick.

Wow! This one sure was close. I can’t remember who threw this, but I was impressed.

But the very next turn, someone threw a ringer! That’s a horseshoe that circles the stick — the highest possible points.

Kim had to leave and cook dinner so I got drafted to play. After throwing my hardest, the horseshoe only landed 75% of the way there. The guys took pity on me and gave me a handicap. They moved me up 25% of the way. I thought they were just going to give me a few feet but that line sure was a lot closer than I expected!

After that I did better and the last throw was a ringer, helping Alex and me win! Hooray! I just had to take a picture of it because I have no athletic or gaming accomplishments in all my life. So it was appropriate to capture the moment, because it will never happen again. Just sayin’.

Then as we were heading home, we saw across the lake it was starting to rain. It was such a cool picture! I love how the sun peeked through and lit up a hill on the other side.

Home we went. Kim and her mom had made homemade lasagna! I can’t remember when the last time was that I had homemade lasagna. It was so delicious!

And the salad was yummy too.

The next day, Jamie and Kim and others whipped up a wonderful breakfast.

Those pancakes sure looked good!

Later for lunch we made a trip down to the lake. I noticed everyone was wearing blue and grey and looking at the lake so I tried to take a picture. Just when I snapped the picture, Glen noticed and waved.

And then he purposely went around and hugged Keith because he knew I was going to take a picture.

The place was freezing. I had on a t-shirt, sweatshirt, jacket,  AND blanket and I was freezing! But Jamie and Alex took up the challenge of swimming out to the buoy. (You can see it in the picture above to the left of the group, way out in the water.)

They are good swimmers! I couldn’t believe they were doing this. I was freezing just taking pictures! But they finally got closer…

…and they made it! They are now officially members of the Buoy Club. An honor that I will never achieve. I can’t even throw a horseshoe. Forget swimming.

Lest you should think we played the whole time, here is evidence we did work. I didn’t have any pictures of our meetings because I was the designated note-taker. But at one point I gave my phone to another person to take pictures. So here is what I ended up with:

Well at least you can tell it’s the same people because everyone’s wearing blue.

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