Son is a Super Sixteen!

On Thursday, Daniel turned 16! Wow! My son is old enough to drive! Wahhhhhhhh… kids just grow up too quickly.

Our family birthday tradition is that for dinner we eat whatever the birthday person wants. Megan picked ramen. Daniel picked IHOP. So off we went.

However, since it was near the end of the first full week of school, our whole family was kind of low energy.

But Daniel perked up a bit once they brought out a free dessert! Wow! That is a really nice dessert!

Afterwards we went home and Daniel opened his present — a jacket from his fencing center that he can wear at the tournaments along with the rest of the team!

It was a very simple but nice birthday celebration. I am so thankful for the wonderful sixteen years of life God has given our son!

A Yee

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