Simple recipe holder

Last week I bought myself a clipboard and I totally love it. Talk about a great tool for a Bower Bird (the organizing style that says, “Out of sight, out of mind” and needs everything in sight to remember to do it, as discussed in my book I’m Not Neat But I’m Organized).

It really helps me keep on track for all the things I need to do!

Today I found a new use for it — holding recipes!

I like to clip recipes from magazines. But it’s a pain when cooking. They don’t fit on a cookbook holder without slipping down. If I put them on the counter, they get dirty. A clipboard is perfect! I just lean it against the wall right where I am cooking and I don’t even need to turn my head.

Plus, it’s so cheap to get a clipboard. And I already use one anyway. And I’m negative broke in my allowance so I can’t afford a cookbook holder. And I don’t have counter space for one anyway.

So today I made these corn fritters. Except, they came out a bit burnt. Oh well, I’m good at organizing and being efficient and cheap. I never said I was good at cooking.

A Yee

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