Focus funnel video: The NINES Conference

Recently I made a video called “The Focus Funnel,” a video for busy leaders who want to use their time more effectively. It’s a big-picture planning tool that drills down into the details — a very practical video for thinking through what you need to do.

It was played yesterday at TheNINES Conference, a Christian leadership conference from something like 100 Christian leaders (I forget the exact number) giving six-minute talks on the biggest ministry game-changer they experienced. It was an awesome conference!

Unfortunately, when they showed my video they had some technical difficulties so the last minute or so got cut off because they had to kill some time to get it up and running. I posted a tweet of the link to the video, but realized that others who weren’t part of the conference might want to see it too, so click on the image below to watch the video.

A Yee

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