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After moving 5 times in 3 years, with 5 homes and 3 work locations, I pretty much gave up on knowing where all my books were. They were split between work and home and all the ones at work were all mixed together. It just drove me nuts trying to find everything. So today, out of desperation I tried a new way of organizing my shelf.

I recently read that Kevin Sharkey, Martha Stewart’s decorating guy, organizes his books by color. He said he always remembers a book’s color. Here’s his bookshelf. Impressive.

Unfortunately I can’t seem to find the original post, but click here to see where the picture above came from.

Anyway, today after looking all over my bookshelf for a book (and giving up), I just about had it. Here’s one of my shelves.

My books were organized by size and topic. Unfortunately I have so many books on the same topic that it takes a long time to find a book! So I reorganized by color. Because, like Kevin, I remember books according to color. In fact, I tend to remember people I meet by the color they are wearing. It messes me up terribly when people change clothes or hair color.

Well this doesn’t look half as impressive as Kevin’s photo. I hardly have any green books. Lots of white and black and a few red, but not too many of other colors.

This was a quick reorg because I was running out of time. I’d like to break my books up in arrangement like the photo above, but I am short on shelf space and am utilizing every space I have! I’ll need to go back and fix this shelf and some of the others I have. But now hopefully when I need a book I will be able to find it a lot easier!

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  1. the country cook @ Delightful Country Cookin' - September 28, 2010

    How funny! I’ve never heard of that method. I am a stickler for size…like sizes have to be grouped together.

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