Beautiful retreat campus

Yesterday afternoon I wandered around the campus taking pictures of the place. Unfortunately by the time I went out it was pretty late in the day so the lighting wasn’t the best. But this gives an overview of the place we were at.

Here’s the dining hall. It is quite large and spacious but quite honestly the strangest layout I have ever seen. First you go in and see a salad bar. Then you walk further past a toaster and the spoons and forks and knives. Then you can go left and get the hot food, but it’s only partially served. Or you can go right and get the full serving of all the hot food. Then you have to go drop stuff on your table. Then you have to walk all the way back to the entrance to get your drinks. And then you go back to the beginning of the line to the right again to get your dessert (cutting in line in front of everyone else).

Quite an odd arrangement!

Here’s the top of our dorm in the setting sun. At least, I think it was our dorm. Now I’m not too terribly sure. My memory is not the best.

I enjoyed walking around outdoors. The grass is so green and the setting sun made some of the leaves really golden.

There’s also a church there.

After that, I walked towards the lake. They had a really cool terrace and pavilions there. Notice how even the design of the bannisters matches the buildings! The left side…

The right side…

And a pavilion in the center.

So here’s what I mean about the lighting. I had to go in and fix some of these pictures because part of them were in the shadow. The “fixed” picture is the one above. Here’s how it originally looked.

Oooo…. black, nasty shadow. So I made a copy of the picture, this time with the bottom half at the right lighting setting. This, of course, washed out the top.

So I overlaid the two and created a mask on the top, essentially fading out the washed out half of the picture so that I could see the correctly exposed two halves of the picture.

If you don’t use Photoshop or what I just said doesn’t make any sense, never mind. I’m not sure I’m totally coherent since it’s 1:45 am Chicago time. And I’m probably not totally coherent even when I’m just talking normally anyway.

The structure had two “arms” reaching out into the water, with a pavilion at the end of each. I went down the stairs.

And walked down the walkway… (funny how the timing was perfect — the pavilion was in the sun and the rest of the walkway was in shadow!)

And got to the pavilion, which had a warm, golden glow in the setting sun!

While I was at it, I thought… hmmm… I can take some pictures in case we need to make future PowerPoint slides. So I left blank spaces on the side.

Here’s how the center pavilion looked from below.

I also like this picture… shows foreground, middleground and background.

I continued on and came up on a bridge. Also matching. I wonder how many trucks it took to bring all this brick in?

I thought the bridge was cute, but the foliage was even more beautiful! You don’t see colors like this out in Davis!

Love those colors!

Here’s fall in action. A single leaf leads the pack.

So interesting how one tree can have so many different colors.

This was interesting… a view of the lake, with one tree standing out from the crowd.

I love the contrast… reddish vs. dark green. Unfortunately I didn’t have my mega zoom lens and couldn’t get any closer to take pix… it would have been great to get a single leaf!

Here’s the other end of the lake. Everything’s so green!

Now it was time to head back. The bridge actually goes under another bridge. The odd thing was cutouts in the top of the upper bridge.

So I went back up the stairs and it looked like this on top. A skylight for a tunnel!

Well, that certainly was a lot of pictures of architecture. There weren’t a whole lot of flowers around to take pictures of. So I went for architecture this time.

It’s too bad I didn’t have more time. I would have loved to just sit by the lake and pray and reflect. Ah well. I’m thankful I had the opportunity to take pictures!

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  1. Corrie - October 3, 2010

    I love that you thought about taking a photo that would work as a background for a PowerPoint slide!

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