Adventure in Atlanta

Historically my trips have all been disasters to some degree or another, which is why my poor husband gets a bit worried when I travel by myself. But this time I thought, I have my highly capable son with me! What can go wrong?

As Daniel put it later… “Myth: Presence of son prevents mother from getting lost. Myth busted!”

So here is how our trip went.

Got to Sacramento airport. Couldn’t even find what gate our flight was at but fortunately it’s a small airport and all the Delta flights were in one location. Later I found out I couldn’t find the flight because the departure time was 11:27 so I was looking for Flight #1127. Oops.

Our seats were not assigned, so we had to wait and get our assignments. When we got the passes and were about to get into line, I heard, “Angela Yee!” There were John Harris and Ray Johnston from Bayside! It was nice to see them again. They were on the same flight out to Atlanta. What a small world!

The flight was quite bumpy. I felt a bit ill by the time we got to the airport. However, Daniel managed to get a blurry picture of me demonstrating that I’m so short that I can stand under the overhead racks and fit quite well under there.

And here is where our adventures began.

  • Walked through airport.
  • Went down an escalator.
  • Took a tram past 2 terminals to baggage claim.
  • Got off tram.
  • Went up an escalator.
  • Took a train to the car rental area.
  • Walked down a long hall.
  • Went down an escalator.
  • Went down another hall with the car rental signs.
  • Crossed a bridge and went to a booth.
  • The lady said this was supposed to be the “fast pass” or “fast break” check-in only.
  • I said, “Huh?”
  • She said, “You’re supposed to go inside and check in there.” I must have walked past the counter without seeing it. I was busy looking overhead at all the arrows.
  • I said, “Ohhh….”
  • She said, “Never mind. I’ll just check you in here.”
  • What a nice lady! She checked us all in and we got in our car. I saw some dings. Ran back to the booth.
  • She said, “Yes, you are supposed to fill out the damage report sheet in your car.”
  • Ohhhh!!! That’s what she was saying when I noticed her mouth was moving earlier. Ran back to the car and filled out the form.
  • Drove to the exit guard and gave him the form. He said something about “turning left.”
  • We drove out the lot and turned left down the ramp.
  • At the bottom of the ramp, there was a T-intersection with no signs and no idea which way to go. I went right.
  • Ended up at another guard house. The lady said I was heading into the car rental company. I needed to make a U-turn.
  • There was no room to make a U-turn.
  • I turned into the next lot to turn around there.
  • Unfortunately, once I turned in it said, “No exit.”
  • There was no way out because it was a car rental return (of another company) and everyone was parking their cars in long rows to return.
  • Oops.
  • When no one was looking, I snuck out the “no exit” opening.
  • We came to a road. All dark either direction. No signs. I said, “What do you think, Daniel?” He had no idea. I turned right.
  • Eventually we came upon the right freeway! Hooray!
  • Drove a long time. A very long time.
  • At this point my phone and the printed hotel directions diverged. Which one to take? We went for hotel directions.
  • No luck. Missed the exit. We were looking for Day’s Inn and Suites Norcross. After driving, we passed a big sign that said, “Norcross Inn and Suites.” There it was!!
  • Exited.
  • Circled around. Made a U-turn.
  • Ran over a squirrel. It was already dead. But, still.
  • Finally pulled into the Norcross Inn and Suites!
  • We had to stand outside in a small security area to try to check in. The lobby was locked and we couldn’t get in.
  • He asked for ID and credit card and rang up the transaction.
  • I noticed that he had checkout for the next day. I said, “I’m staying until Sunday.”
  • He cancelled my transaction and started another one. Then I said, “Doesn’t my reservation say that I’m supposed to stay until Sunday?”
  • He said, “You have a reservation?” I guess I forgot to mention that when I went in.
  • He couldn’t find the reservation. Said I had to call Expedia. But I didn’t book through Expedia.
  • The confirmation was in the car. Daniel ran out and got it for us and gave it to the man.
  • He looked at my confirmation and said, “This is the wrong hotel.” Apparently there was a reason there was no “Days Inn” on the front sign. I thought they were just downplaying the brand or something.
  • Oops. Got on the road again.
    The problem is that these hotels are all on a frontage road along a freeway and they are all one way. So if you pass it my mistake, you have to go a few miles down the road, turn under the freeway, come up the other side of the frontage road on the other side of the freeway, turn under again, and get back on the correct road.
  • So this is what we did. Because we thought the hotel was on the other side and got turned around. Then we turned back and then drove right past where the hotel was supposed to be (according to the little dot on my phone).
  • So we had to circle around… for the third time. This time when we got there we realized that the phone was incorrect and didn’t show where the hotel was!
  • We tried to remember what the man told us and kept driving for 5 miles. And there it was, on the side of the road! Days Inn!
  • Had to make a u-turn and then turned into the parking lot and went into the lobby.
  • The man couldn’t find our reservation.
  • I handed it to him. While I did, I saw on the wall a sign that said, “Welcome to Howard Johnson.”
  • I thought, “How odd that on the outside it says Days Inn but on the inside it says Howard Johnson. Oh well, maybe one of them bought the other one out.”
  • The man read the confirmation and said, “You are at the wrong hotel. We are a Howard Johnson.”
  • Daniel and I were like, “Not again!”
  • The man had a very amused expression on his face.
  • Got back into the car. Turned out of the parking lot. Went down 50 feet. Turned into the next entrance. There was the Day’s Inn! The building was hidden behind some trees.
  • Finally at the right place! But we got lost so much and got there so late that though they said they had plenty of nonsmoking rooms, they were now all full.
  • And there were only rooms with one bed.
  • I thought about going back to that Norcross Inn and Suites.
  • Or to the Howard Johnson.
  • But the man said I was so nice and so he gave us a room that had two beds.
  • So here we are… in a smoking room…but at least we made it! And you can hardly smell the smoke.

So that was our travel adventures. However, my ability to inadvertently prevent life from being boring extends into other areas as well.

  • I was all in a panic because my seminary homework had to be posted by midnight Central Time. I looked at the clock and saw 11:03 and thought, Oh no! I missed the deadline!
  • I booted off my studious son who was using my computer to check his homework assignments and went to the forum to post.
  • It was empty. I thought, “How odd that every student in the class should be late this week!”
  • After I posted, I saw it was 10:10 pm.
  • Oh yeah, this is Eastern Time.
  • I said, “Sigh… I am a walking disaster.”
  • Daniel said, “Our trip wouldn’t nearly be as fun otherwise.”

Good thing I have a son who has such a good sense of humor! It is fun to travel with him and I am looking forward to attending the Catalyst conference together!

  • Speaking of which… yesterday I printed out the schedule.
  • I discovered the conference doesn’t start until Thursday!
  • I thought it started Wednesday. But apparently Wednesday are pre-conference labs, which we didn’t sign up for.
  • Today is Tuesday. I booked our flight a day early!

It just never ends around here…

A Yee

Angela Yee is a professional designer (graphic design, stage design, interior design — and teaches leadership skills at

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  1. Glen Nielsen - October 6, 2010

    Holy Smokes! Never a dull moment … and that was just GETTING THERE!

  2. the country cook @ Delightful Country Cookin - October 6, 2010

    It’s like reading a day from my own travel logs!!! 🙂 You are so funny.

  3. Carmen Lin - October 6, 2010

    Congratulations to both you and Daniel for being able to enjoy your trip! You are victors, not beaten down by mistakes!

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