Low-key day and why we were directionally-challenged

Since we accidentally came a day early, my achiever-oriented self originally intended to run around and try to sight see. But we didn’t do that because 1) my son had massive homework and 2) I was just plain beat.

So we had a very low key day. It started with the free breakfast in the morning. They had a very cool waffle maker where you could make your own waffles. Daniel made his first waffle. Here is is, purposely looking bleary-eyed and not quite awake because I dug him out of bed. (I’m a Chinese mom. It is against my culture to pass up free food. Especially when hungry teenage sons who eat us out of house and home are involved.)

Then we went back to the room and Daniel spent the whole time doing homework (with some breaks). I worked on my seminary homework til I was so tired I lay down… and slept for almost 2 hours!

This time I was the bleary-eyed one as we stumbled out for lunch. Since I had promised my son Dunkin Donuts, we headed there. Right next door was a KFC, another favorite food of his.

It goes against my mom nature to have such unhealthy food but we always eat healthy at home, rarely go out to eat, and I made him eat green beans and took off almost all the skin (but did eat some crunchy bits). Fortunately my son has a good sense of humor to put up with his mother.

But, as promised, we stopped by the donut place and he got to pick a donut. I picked my favorite at Dunkin Donuts. It looks quite unassuming on the outside.

But the inside is what is my favorite!

Bavarian cream! Yum! It’s sure a good thing they don’t have Dunkin Donuts back in California.

Later we went to a dinner in a restaurant hosted by Leadership Network. I got to meet all the nice people who put on the Nines Conference! No pictures to show for it though.

Today’s driving was not quite as adventurous as yesterday, but 1) we got lost on the way home from Dunkin Donuts and 2) we had to make a u-turn on the way to the restaurant. But hey, 50% of the trips with no error is a really good percentage for me!

It’s no wonder we get lost around here. Here’s how one intersection looked:

We didn’t have time to take a picture, but on the same intersection on a pole on the ground, there was a sign that said, “Jimmy Carter Blvd” pointing right even though the sign above pointed left.

Daniel was also cracking up over this sign.

Peachtree Corners Circle. How does a circle have corners?

Peachtrees seem to be quite popular here. This is how the roads work around here:

  1. Peachtree Road NE splits and becomes
  2. Peachtree Road and
  3. Peachtree Industrial Road (not to be confused with #2, which is a different road).
  4. Both #2 and #3 are intersected by N Peachtree Road.
  5. Another road, Peachtree Corners Rd, intersects #3.
  6. And if you keep going on #3, eventually it splits and one fork becomes Peachtree Pkwy NW (which turns into Medlock Bridge Road).
  7. Or you can continue going on #3 and turn right onto S. Old Peachtree Road (if you turn left, it becomes Spalding Dr).
  8. Then there is a entirely different road that doesn’t touch any of the ones above, which is called Old Peachtree Rd, not to be confused with S. Old Peachtree Rd.
  9. And then a few miles away there is yet another entirely different road called Old Peachtree Rd NE.

I wonder what they used to grow around here. Apples, perhaps?

The other reason I got lost is because this is what happened today when I tried to use the map features on my phone:

  • I entered our hotel address. It gave the wrong location (the first wrong hotel we went to yesterday — no wonder we ended up there!)
  • I entered the Dunkin Donuts address. It gave the wrong location.
  • I entered the hotel address with a zip code this time. It gave the right location!
  • I entered the Dunkin Donuts address with a zip code. It still gave the wrong location.
  • I entered the exactly same address with zip code for Dunkin Donuts again. And this time it worked!

According to Google, it is a known problem that sometimes the iPhone does not give the correct location on where to go. This does not inspire confidence in an easily-distracted, memory-impaired driver such as myself. (At least I have a good sense of direction… the problem is remembering where to go!)

So, I feel a bit vindicated that all our wanderings yesterday were not entirely our fault.

All I can say is I sure feel sorry for the mail delivery workers out here.

A Yee

Angela Yee is a professional designer (graphic design, stage design, interior design — angelayeedesign.com) and teaches leadership skills at strategysketchnotes.com.

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  1. Corrie - October 7, 2010

    YUMMY!!!! Can you bring back a case of bavarian creme donuts for me, please?

    The street sign thing is hilarious! As well as all the peachtree-named streets. Isn’t Georgia’s state fruit the peach? I think they’re “The Peach State” or something like that.

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