Baby nephew and quick home recap

It has been 5 days since I got home from Atlanta. I literally haven’t had a moment to myself until today! The week has been taken up with a lot of work and then rest of the time family and home stuff. However, one cool happening this week — a visit from Corrie’s family!

The whole family stopped by and I got a chance to have a baby fix and hold Matthew. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve seen him since I was out of town two weeks in a row. He has put on quite a bit of weight and is feeling a bit chunky now compared to before. But still such a small precious bundle!

And his big brother, Steven, is just as cute and playful as usual. He found a flower on the floor and was quite fascinated with it. Corrie snapped a very adorable picture of him. Notice his shirt. Just in case you thought the baby was the big brother.

These pictures are straight out of the camera. I kind of like the brighter exposure the auto settings give!

Why has this week been so busy?

  • Catching up with 2 weeks of work I didn’t do while I was gone.
  • Our church is launching a 40 days series next week (all-church focus)… lots of small group and programmatic details to attend to.
  • My Greek class has a big project due. This is a sample of what I was trying to understand, straight out of the textbook:

“A participle can be active, middle or passive. If the verb is deponent, its corresponding particle will be deponent. Greek uses different participle morphemes for the different voices.”

For you Greekophiles I’m sure that makes perfect sense. But I think I started seeing stars circling around my head when I read that paragraph.

  • Keith, our worship director, is heading off to a new job. (Tuesday is his last day. Wahhhhh!!!!) Much sadness in the office, and busyness on my part trying to help work out a transition plan.
  • I’m putting together a preaching project group, per the requirements of the preaching cohort I am part of.
  • And that’s on top of my usual work.
  • Plus, it’s also been good being with the family!
  • The house is wreck… been trying to catch up on bills, etc. We’ll get there one of these decades.
  • Sleeping more than usual, making up for two exhausting weeks of travel.
  • Good time in the Word too. I’m currently going through 2 Corinthians. I am showing my age. We had to get a Bible with bigger print for me.

Thus, a very busy week. No blogs… until now!

Right now I’m trying to slog through some commentaries for my Greek project. A sample:

Ohhh boy. I’ve got my work cut out for me…

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