Moving Day

The Nielsen family has been without a home for…hmm…let’s just say a long time! So we rejoiced with them today as they finally moved into a home! And what a wonderful home God has provided for them!

A crew of hard workers showed up today to hauled out furniture.

I was ordered not to lift anything heavy and was put in the “organizers and unpackers” category. That works better for me anyway. I definitely fit in more in the brain category than brawn category.

But everyone worked hard.

Well, almost everyone.

Even the tile guy was there, working as we were moving stuff in.

He did an amazing job. Here’s how the floor looked when I first walked in.

In progress… I love taking still lifes.

And the finished product. Beautiful! Too bad I forgot to take a picture of the entire bathroom.

Oops, got a bit distracted there. Back to the move. Oh, another still life!

You find all sorts of unexpected things while moving, like hats.

I got distracted by a paint can. It was so shiny. I like shiny things. I was mesmerized by it calling out to me.

Food was a distraction too.

Oh wait, this was lunchtime. We were supposed to be eating. It was a beautiful day to be outside enjoying the weather while eating.

This picture is a reflection of the friendly spirit throughout the day. Actually, this was a posed photo. I have no idea why they are shaking hands.

Still, we made a lot of progress. While the guys did all the heavy lifting, Karen, Stacey and I unpacked and arranged the insides. Before picture.



Congrats on a beautiful home, Nielsens!

A Yee

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