Keith’s farewell lunch

Life has been a bit nutty this week. Lots of things going on… one of them being this week was my friend and colleague’s last week in the office. We had a lunch to say thank you to Keith and express our love and appreciation of him in his years of ministry here.

It is always sad to see a good leader go… and I’m especially sad since I really enjoyed serving with Keith in so many areas, including worship ministry and church strategic stuff, but the sadness is tempered by the fact that he’ll still be around UCC, now serving as a volunteer.

This past Tuesday, the staff got together for a goodbye lunch.

Our staff lunches are usually everyone bring your own (and the person with the best-looking lunch says grace), but this lunch was a special treat!

And here’s the guest of honor.

The way people showed love to him was to give him a good ribbing. This has gone on every since he announced his resignation. He’s been called “porridge boy” and been accused of abandoning us. But I think the lunch made up for it.

I also noticed that  Glen and Kyle appeared to have gotten a memo no one else did.

We had a chance to roast Keith and tell funny stories about him.

It was also very cool that Keith’s lovely wife, Stacy, came to join us!

Deanna, who was the one who did the amazing job putting this lunch together, got the cake serving started.

While everyone was eating the cake, I was busy rotating it at different angles and taking pictures of it. Fortunately everyone is used to my odd ways by now.

We sure will miss Keith!

In the short term interim, Jamie’s taking over the service planning and logistics and I’ll be doing the worship team coordination. My big job now is to schedule worship leaders. Between Nov 21 and end of December we have one available volunteer worship leader (maybe, if I can get a hold of him!). This is going to be an exciting challenge. God is faithful and I am looking forward to see how He’s going to work this out!

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