Aunt’s 70th bday celebration

Today our family went to San Francisco to celebrate Albert’s aunt’s 70th birthday. It was very nice to see them as we don’t get a chance to go to the city very often. It was a small family party but a very nice celebration!

Tony, Auntie Betty’s son, got his mom flowers. They were beautiful. I wasn’t sure if I should bring my camera but I’m glad Albert told me to and even offered to carry the heavy bag!

Auntie Betty didn’t have a vase though, so Uncle Tony found a suitably-sized container and I had fun trimming and arranging them.

We took a break and went wandering down the street to the bakery to get some treats. These are my favorite — Chinese egg tarts. They are so yummy even my iPhone camera captures their delicious nature quite easily!

We also got to stop by and visit Albert’s other aunt, who lives a block away!

Tony made really yummy pumpkin bread.

It was nice just hanging out together, and watching some of the world series. Albert and Daniel also had to demonstrate how Daniel is now finally taller than his dad.

For dinner, we went to Hakka Restaurant in San Francisco, a Chinese restaurant.

The food was soooo good!

My favorite was a dish I never had before. Fried crab with salted egg yolk. At first we thought it was a cheese batter. I’m not a super big crab fan, but this was so delicious.

Picture time! It was a bummer that Albert’s parents couldn’t join us — they are out of town.

Then it was home to go celebrate with a wonderful fruit tart from a Chinese bakery that Tony brought. Boy, they sure know how to make fruit tarts right. It was delicious! The title plate was white chocolate.

As the kids waited, Daniel decided to hug his sister. I think my daughter sometimes gets tired of her brother’s affectionate nature, as she tried to bat his arms. I don’t get tired of the hugs though!

We sang happy birthday to Auntie Betty and dug into the tart.

To close, it was time for a concert. Daniel decided to help his sister out by being the violin case carrier. Well, actually, he just wanted to lie on the sofa but the violin was in the way. So he used it as a blanket.

Megan played an impressive violin solo. I’m glad she didn’t follow after her mother’s footsteps in this regard. I am a violin drop-out.

Daniel played as well. This week he decided, after a five-month break, that he is going to back to getting lessons. We gave him the freedom to stop and now that he has, he’s realized he’s missed it. It was amazing he could play so well today after not playing for so long. You could almost see the flakes of rust falling off onto the piano.

Auntie Betty was quite pleased. She told the kids they made her day.

So we said goodbye and my dear husband drove all the way home while the rest of us conked out from carb stupors. And now we are home and everybody is wide awake.

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