A wonderful Thanksgiving

I am thankful for many things. God is incredibly good. Top of this list is my family. Tonight it was very nice for our family to get together for a wonderful dinner.

My mom came up from the Bay Area and is staying with us until Monday. She cooked some incredibly yummy food. Since none of us (except my Mom) likes turkey, we went for a nontraditional/Chinese Thanksgiving dinner. Here she made one of my favorite foods, yen-pi soup. No idea how to translate that but it’s yummy pork balls wrapped in white wrappers in soup.

She also made meat-filled pastries.

Corrie made an incredible meatloaf cake. It was meatloaf with cranberry sauce filling and frosting of mashed potatoes. It was sooooo good.

Man does that look good. I didn’t have cranberry sauce though. But even with trying to be disciplined, I was still hit by a carb stupor afterwards. Sigh…

Albert cooked delicious rib roast. There were a number of other dishes as well. Corrie made the dessert, upside-down cranberry cake. Notice how the whipped cream overpowers the cake. Not that it was intentional or anything…

Me? I didn’t cook. I got to hold the baby.

It was a bit tough trying to take pictures of Matthew while holding him in my lap, especially since my camera is so heavy. My biceps are out of practice from not lugging around chunky babies any more! But they sure got a workout tonight.

My mom took Matthew for a while and we discovered he has a penchant for reading recipes. He stared at the recipe on the fridge a long time and never looked away. Future chef, perhaps? The ability to cook well seems to run in our family… except for me.

Steven was quite content drinking from the only plastic water container we had… a water bottle. We gave away all of our plastic cups. Guess our place is not too little kid friendly any more. Fortunately Steven is an incredibly good-natured and self-amusing kid. And also quite skilled at drinking from water bottles almost as long as his arms.

Neither of my kids is really into holding babies, which is fine with me as it means I get to hog — er — occasionally carry him. And it was the most precious thing that he fell asleep in my arms. Awwww….

Like I said, God is good!

A Yee

Angela Yee is a professional designer (graphic design, stage design, interior design — angelayeedesign.com) and teaches leadership skills at strategysketchnotes.com.

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