Baby nephew, baby party, baby auntie

Today my baby nephew, Matthew, was dedicated during church.

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend as my sister attends another church and I was working this morning. But Albert went! (He took this picture.)

After my own church services were done, I headed over to my sister’s house, where she had cooked up an amazing feast to celebrate this milestone in their lives.

Steven is such a big boy now — talking, feeding himself, even rolling his little brother over when he is stuck on his back. (Kind of like a turtle.) Not that I saw that… I just heard that this happened. Steven was not giving demonstrations today on the technique of baby rolling. He was very intent on his lunch.

Finally Matthew woke up! Of course I made a quick beeline and snatched him up. I got to hold him and get a cute baby fix. We took a picture with my mom.

Alas, I didn’t get to hold Matthew long as soon he was whisked away to be fed. So I went to my other big baby. I can’t believe my son is going to go to college in 2 years! My baby has grown up!

And then my other child is quite full of life. I’m not sure what she was trying to do here. Be a flower?

Yesterday I finished a hat for her… my first knit hat. It took two days or so. This isn’t a very good picture of it but I’m very happy my daughter loves it!

Later when we went home I said to my mom, “Wahhhh… I hardly got to hold Matthew!” My mom said, “Stop whining. I didn’t get to hold him at all!”

Good point. I guess Matthew’s auntie is a big baby too!

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  1. Carmen Lin - December 12, 2010

    I have seen all of you growing up right before my eyes that sometimes I wonder why I’m still here.

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