Megan’s concert videos

Albert took some videos so I uploaded them today!

Here is the video of Megan playing her solo in Czardas.

The quartet they played was in four movements but for some reason I only have 3. The piece was Concerto in D Major for Four Violins by Geore Philipp Teleman. Here’s the first movement. I’m also not sure why the clip above was 3:4 but this one is wide screen. Weird!

Now second movement… and back to 3:4 dimensions. YouTube is playing funny tricks on me.

What? Operator error?

I think it’s YouTube.

And the last clip.

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  • Reply Glen Nielsen


    LOVE all the “english” … head motions, body sways, intensity, and focus … feedback for next time: after that big circular motion at the end, try something dramatic … maybe a? jumping scissor-kick, fist pump,? or a fist-bump/blow-it-up motion with the conductor … it would add a fabulous “finale touch”!

    December 18, 2010 at 3:35 pm
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