Megan’s first solo concert

On Wednesday, Megan played her first solo at the orchestra concert. This was the junior high orchestra concert for her school. It was the first year her school performed by itself — previous years had all the schools. But the music program has grown so much that now there would be 150 kids in the orchestra! And forget about having a place for parents to sit in the audience!

The stage was bedecked in holiday finery.

First the intermediate orchestra played. Then the advanced orchestra. But right before the advanced orchestra, out came Megan and the quartet she was a part of.

When I listen to my daughter play, I am amazed that I birthed this child — me, a violin dropout and un-prodigy. Listening to my violin playing was painful. I am surprised my parents didn’t run away screaming every time I practiced. How did this child of mine get such a gift to play such beautiful music?

Such expression. Such grace. Such emotion.

And her mother bangs on drums. Could we really be related?

The quartet did a wonderful job. You can see in the back how the first four chairs are all empty. That’s because they belong to this quartet.

Now the orchestra’s turn. Since Megan is concertmaster, she led the orchestra in that short piece called “tuning.” It’s unique and different every time. Never the same twice.

Man they were good! I could not believe this was a group of 8th and 9th graders! When I played violin in 9th grade it was…

Oh wait. I didn’t play violin in 9th grade. I had quit by then.

The Davis music program is amazing. This orchestra has over 70 kids. Thats one of the two orchestras from a single junior high school in this small city of Davis! Not only are the numbers amazing, but so is the quality!

I love seeing all the bows go the same direction. The music is cool but so is the visual aspect as they are all synced up.

Ok, so I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures of any other kids. This is definitely a biased photo blog.

The grand finale was Megan performing a solo with the orchestra. Something called “Czardis” or something like that. All I know was it was quite impressive.

She looked so calm and collected though later she said her legs were shaking. Good thing she wore a long skirt!

It was an awesome job! I was so proud of her. She has worked so hard on that piece. Angelo Moreno, the director, congratulated her.

Sniff sniff, that’s my daughter!

And flowers! What a nice surprise!

The entire orchestra did an amazing job.

Then the awkwardness… lots of announcements while Megan stood there because they had taken away her chair. Ah well. She looked quite professional.

I am thankful she did a lot better this year than last year. Last year, she woke up on the day of the concert with a fever! This time, poor thing was nervous all week but you would never know during the concert. We prayed for her all week. So many blessings to be thankful for!

Both grandmas and grandpa came to see her too. Too late I realized I didn’t get any pictures of everyone later. It was cold and wet out and we wanted to go home to celebrate. Grandma offered to take Megan out afterwards for anything she wanted as a treat…

She picked ramen.

So Albert went and bought a couple packs of ramen and we enjoyed warm noodles at home!


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  1. Carmen Lin - December 17, 2010

    I’m so glad that I was told of the event ahead of time and I was able to drive back to Davis (2nd time in less than a week) to hear Megan perform. God truly answered prayer and as my friend Barbara had prayed, she certainly “played with flying colors.”
    Glory be to God!

  2. Barbara - December 17, 2010

    A beautiful child with a beautiful gift from our Most Beautiful and Awesome God!
    What a Christmas gift! Celebrate the arrival of Jesus, our precious gift of salvation and celebrate such a sweet and precious gift of a flawless performance by Megan witnessed by family, including both grandparents. What a Blessing! To God Be The Glory! Merry Christmas!

  3. A Yee

    A Yee - December 17, 2010

    Thank you for your prayers! 🙂

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