Engineer vs. graphic designer

Conversation tonight with my engineer husband. We are not proponents of evolution but I thought the article on video gaming was interesting.

Angela: (reading a quote from a magazine article about video gaming) Sweetie, listen to this! Since the game World of Warcraft was released “in 2004, users have racked up some 50 billion hours of playing time — the equivalent of 5.93 million years… We’ve spent as much time playing World of Warcraft… as we’ve spent evolving as a species.” Wow, that’s a lot of video games.

Albert: Interesting. Their math is wrong though.

Angela: Um… errr… huh?

Albert: Because they’re not comparing apples with apples. When they say 50 billion hours, that’s man hours. But if they’re saying 5.93 million years, that would be multiple people evolving. So it would be 5.93 million years times the number of people, which would be many more than 50 billion hours.

Angela: (scrunching up face in thinking) Uh… but does it have to compare man hours?

Albert: They got their units mixed up. If they are first talking about man hours, the second one should reflect man hours as well.

Angela: (thinking so hard brains are falling out) Well, why does it matter? Like, couldn’t you say, Mozart was such a genius he wrote a concerto in 80 hours so what he did in 80 hours would be equivalent to two work weeks of a modern day person?

Albert: But they’re saying cumulative man hours compared to how long it would have taken one species to involve.

Angela: Oh. So one is cumulative and one is like linear hours. They don’t really match.

Albert: Right.

Angela: So that’s like saying it’s a really bad idea to use Eurostile with Goudy Old Style font. Because you know, they just so do not fit together.

Albert: Exactly.

My husband doesn’t even know what Goudy Old Style is. But that’s ok. He’s still the brains in the family.

A Yee

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  1. Carmen Lin - December 22, 2010

    Well, this conversation is very good for both of you, because both of you are having some brain exercise.

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