Color profiles: making pictures look good on the web

Over the past few months I have noticed how my photos in my blog just don’t look so good on my iPad. They look great on my computer, but when I look at the iPad, they look a bit lifeless and dull.

I finally discovered the culprit.

I have been using the wrong color profile. The default profile has been Adobe RGB. I now go to Photoshop and go to Edit > Convert to Profile and select sRGB. Turns out sRGB looks better on websites.I’m sure my sister Corrie knew this all along but I never though to ask her. Duh.

I am writing this blog based on what I see on my iPad, as these pictures look almost identical on my computer. These pictures were taken from our staff Christmas party a few weeks ago. The left photos are the original Adobe RGB profile and the right ones are sRGB.

The top photo of the tree looks a bit more dull. On the right, the greenish highlights make the picture look more dimensional.

Here you can see the difference in Wendy’s sleeve, hair and face color. Her sleeve looks more blue in the right and her hair and face are much warmer in feel.

The food above looks a bit grey. On the bottom, the strawberries really look more luscious and the food looks much warmer and more tasty.

This picture isn’t a huge difference other than skin tones and the red in the ribbon and bag.

This was a picture I took in Europe — I was looking for a yellowish picture. The pastry on top looks kind of grey and tasteless. Underneath, the food has a warm glow and that pastry looks absolutely delicious and golden!

Here’s the biggest difference — this was a picture taken during Christmas Eve service of me playing keyboard. You can see a huge difference in the shirt. On the left, it’s more muted. On the right the red really pops and is brighter.

I’m convinced. The last few posts I have converted to sRGB and I really see the difference when I am reading off my iPad!


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