Pheasants in Davis

Davis is a town in the middle of fields. Our house backs onto a big field. Yesterday morning I was sitting upstairs in my room reading my Bible when I looked outside and saw this.

These pheasants were just on the other side of our fence, wandering around eating. There were about 6 of them. I ran downstairs and got my camera and tried to take pictures out of my window.

They were there again this morning. It looks like there is a whole family of them. It has been cloudy and overcast but I was able to get some kind of clear pictures through the window.

This is the first time I have seen live pheasants. They looked quite at home, out for a casual morning stroll and breakfast.

It’s kind of neat to live at the edge of the field. There’s a whole neighborhood living out there. Big wild turkeys walk by. I saw a jackrabbit hop past one day. It’s all so fascinating for a suburb girl whose idea of wildlife was the dead pheasant hung on our wall at home! I must say they are much more interesting alive. But I sure never expected to see any in Davis!

A Yee

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